I’m Still Here

Our guest Heather has always dipped into creative outlets like writing, drawing, and performing and says these activities increase her contentment and ability to cope day-to-day. As an Emerging Artist, she hosts her first solo exhibit in May 2022. Her show is titled SUSPENDED LOGIC. She is coordinating an event for her presentation that is … Continue reading I’m Still Here

Wait, Let Me Get This Straight

Wait, let me get this straight…Serendipitously noticing a quote tattooed on the arm of our podcast cohost, Carly, who, like Sam, participates in Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to treat Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Sam was excited to share her love for the quote. ‘No Day But Today’ resonates. It’s from the theatrical play, RENT, and … Continue reading Wait, Let Me Get This Straight

So Can You Help Me Heal With Art?

When an individual reaches out to me to find more info about what to do, I tell them that I develop and facilitate rec-based therapeutic art programming for groups and have one-to-one sessions. They most often ask if I’m an art therapist, and I say no, but I’m working towards becoming one someday. For now, … Continue reading So Can You Help Me Heal With Art?

You Art Not Here

When Michelle was a young art student taking architecture as an undergrad, it was experiencing the beautifully animated ballroom sequence in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that acted as a guide into her long-time career of animating movies. Fantastic timing and dedication to a goal helped her land her dream job working as a character … Continue reading You Art Not Here

The Problem with Assuming it’s a Fair Deal

One of the biggest lessons I failed to learn and needed to experience over and over and over again until it stuck was – sign a volunteer agreement or contract! Don’t assume the other parties recognize your expectations and needs even if they are the most altruistic individual or company. This is based on several … Continue reading The Problem with Assuming it’s a Fair Deal