Special Guest Co-Hosts

Our Co-hosts come from many walks of life and career experiences. We embrace many skillsets and expertise!

Would you like to apply to become a Co-host? Contact:artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.com

You choose which episodes to cohost from our monthly guest list at a time and day that works for everyone.

Is this You? Our Co-Hosts have:

A keen interest in interviewing, researching, communications,  broadcasting or facilitating.

An amplified combination of interest in and experience in creative arts or expertise in a related field.

An understanding and appreciation of Authentic Storytelling and critical thinking.

A deepened interest in well-being methods, mental health awareness or experience as a professional counsellor, community worker, or experience coaching others to be their best selves/Mentorship. 

As a co-host, you: Recommend and reach out to potential guests you’d like to have on.

You agree to help us gain listeners by sharing your episodes with your social media followers.

Bonus points if you have: A sense of humour, a sense of ethical responsibility, are compassionate, forthright, fascinating, friendly, knowledgeable and uplifting.

Meet Our Current Special Co-Hosts:

OSA. SCA, CFS, SOVA, Artist and Gallary Owner

Steve is a full-time award-winning visual artist and gallery owner of Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery in Niagara Falls, Ontario. He works in oils and acrylic, and aqua resin on canvas. His recent work deals with landscape, cityscape, urban settings & situations.
Steve enjoys creating dramatic imagery using light and shadow in his work. He also incorporates a satirical look at our social world and how we interact with each other.
You can find hidden messages and images in his pieces engaging the viewer and challenging the way you view the world, offering a glimpse into our social structures, interactions, and how modern-day technology impacts our lives.
Carly Davidson, Mental health advocate and Host of the podcast “Bizarrely Carly” videographer dabbling in painting and sketching.
Tanya Hendriks Bio
In 2016 Tanya underwent a radical transformation and reinvention. Hamilton was a soft place to land, and she’s been living and working in the city they call the Hammer ever since. She identifies as a queer femme and uses the pronouns she/her/hers.
Tanya graduated from Sheridan College’s fine arts program in the 990sand, despite her day job, manages to carve out time to be creative. She’s worked in various mediums, from sculpting to metalwork, photography to mixed media and collage.
She is mainly interested in investigating identity, change and belonging. All facets of the arts fascinate and delight her; music, theatre and dance. She has fierce respect and admiration for slam poetry and would one day like to try stand-up comedy…
Her favourite traits are curiosity and perseverance peppered with a sense of humour…she’s a voracious reader and likes to visit art galleries, preferably solo, to linger unencumbered. She also races dragon boats, plays pickleball and loves dodge ball (yes, it’s a thing).
Melenie Neamtz,

I Grew up in Niagara with a single mom- in hindsight, I was living in poverty- moving a lot. Still, I was an only child and had the fortune of spending all school breaks with my grandmother up in Dorset, Ontario. 

She was my everything.
I left Niagara at 18, going to North Bay for school and settling in Barrie for several years with a 1-year adventure to Japan in 2005- from that point, I started working in the non-profit world.

I realized that helping others was something I loved to do, and again when looking back, it was in my blood.  I was the kid who shared her lunch, brought home kids that said they had nowhere to go (much to the disdain of the school policies) and found hurt animals and tried to fix them up that love came straight from my mom.  

My life has been complicated, but I feel I have weathered the storm and come out stronger.  I am now a proud mother of 2 children, ages 8 and 4; I have a very caring and loving partner who is the calm to my storm; I have a busy life- I work hard and value integrity and respect in the daily work life. 

These past 18 months have challenged me like no other.  I lost my mother to cancer in September 2020- and still struggle with the grief daily.  Like many other parents, I have been trying to balance being a parent and teacher while still working and maintaining other areas of my life.  It has not been easy, and there have been plenty of tears.  Making time for myself and giving my family the space they need to work through all of these ups and downs has allowed us to build a stronger bond.  My kids know it’s okay to cry and to be sad- the trick is to be able to take the time and permit yourself to let it out.
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