The Living Library of Resiliency

  • First, we are doing a long-form podcast (1 to 1.5 hours).
  • LISTEN to the Podcast on Spotify by clicking the image on YouTube by clicking this link
  • Episode 1: Meet the Hosts click here

Episode 2: The Remarkable Growth of Art Interventions During COVID-19, click here

What is the Living Library of Resilience?

  • A journey involving discussions to process RESILIENCY; a conversation of discovery and healing; and talks among friends to open ears and eyes. We hope to find many new stories to share through the Living Libray.

How to get started:

Do you have an inspiring story of survival and triumph to share? 🤝🏽Reach out. We want to hear from you.

Do You Want to Share Your Story?
To get you started as a potential guest, we want you to think about what you would like to chat about by asking you to answer some preliminary questions. Once I hear back from you, we will let you know when we plan to move forward with the photoshoot for your Episode promo and zoom meeting recording date and time.
Here are the preliminary questions for you to consider and answer:
1) If your life were a novel, what would the title be? (10-word max)
2) Why do you wish to share your story with us? (50-word max)
3) One of the series we are doing is on Artists. Are you Creative? (50-word max)
Please also choose 6 of the following ten questions to answer:
4) Tell us about your family history/childhood (150-word max)
5) Do you have a story or message to share or promote? (50-words max)
6) Do you have a business? , If yes, please indicate your mission, type, and following. (Max-50 words)
7) What is something people may misunderstand about you? (50-word max)
8) How important is ‘hope’ to you, and why? (50-word max)
9) How has prejudice or discrimination affected your life? (150-word max)
10) How has mental health challenges affecting your life? (150-word max)
11) How has wellness affected your life? (150-word max)
12) Have you reinvented yourself? How so. (150-word max)
13) Can you think of a time when you were required to be resilient to move forward in life? Professionally, personally? (150-word max)
Thank you for your excitement in being involved!
Please send your answers to

Next: Our team will be in touch to will chat and schedule your episode.

You will be connected to our professional photographer to shoot a promo photo in Niagara (our photographer is off sick for a few weeks, so we may ask you to supply us with a photo)

We create a podcast book cover, including a synopsis of your story with your photo for promo. We will send it to you before publishing the podcast.

We record your story over zoom and publish vocals only on our Podcast. You choose how much or how little you will share.

Please participate in our debriefing discussion at the end if you feel that the conversation has triggered a traumatic reaction. We know that occasionally sharing your story can trigger complex emotions, and our team is here to support you.

This opportunity is excellent for

*Those looking for an outlet to empower themselves

*Those wanting to inspire others to overcome challenges

* Aspiring and established motivational speakers

*Those looking to network with like-minded individuals.

Do you wish to share your skills as a volunteer? Contact us to get started. We are looking for help with copywriting and promotions.

A Sample of our Past Story Tellers from 2018:

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