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  • It’s a journey involving discussions to process RESILIENCY, a conversation of discovery and healing, and talks among friends to open ears and eyes. We hope to find many new stories to share through the Living Library.
  • Hosted by Rhiannon Barry, artist, social worker, community-minded wellness program developer, and psychology student and wellness retreat coordinator. She has a diploma in community service work, studied journalism- communications, and is currently pursuing certification in psychotherapy and art therapy. Join her with exceptional guest hosts as she shares stories and exchanges energy in mutual respect with individuals from all walks of life.

Be a Guest.

Connect with us! Email: Artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.comhttps://bewhimsiartloft.ca/living-library/

Phone: 905-964-0405

The Benefits of participating in our podcast:

  1. A unique podcast cover and interview to share with your followers
  2. Book cover promo designed just for you to promote further
  3. Our animator also creates shorts of the best quotes from the podcasts and shares them on YouTube and our socials.
  4. We have 1 Host and 4 guest hosts. We post and promote on our FB pages, groups, youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn-a combined audience of 4000+
  5. We post throwbacks to past Episodes and share our growing audience with you long after your interview is over!
  6. Share this opportunity as content for social media or on your webpage to help your audience know more about you and improve your legitimacy in the professional world with funders and employers
Animation By: Matteo Monteleone on Instagram @MatteoSketcher

Listen to our Latest Eps to get an idea of what to expect:

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Bookcovers/ PodCast Episode Covers:

Take a Listen:

Produced, Edited, Hosted and Designed by Rhiannon Barry, Visual Artist, experienced social worker, creative wellness retreat planner and student of psychology.

Get started as a guest:

Start by answering these 3 PRELIMINARY QUESTIONS:
1) If your life were a novel, what would the title be? (12-word max)
2) One of the current series we are doing is on Artists and their professional and personal journeys. Are you a Creative? (50-word max)
3) One of the current series we are doing is on Burnout and Mental Health. Have you experienced burnout or wish to talk about mental health? (200-word max)


Inspiring and Resilient Questions:

4) Tell us about your family history/childhood (250-word max)

5) How important is ‘hope’ to you, and why? (200-word max)

6) How has prejudice or discrimination affected your life? (250-word max)

7) How have drugs or alcohol affected your life? (200-word-max)

8)Have you reinvented yourself? How so? (250-word max)

9) Can you think of a time when you were required to be resilient to move forward in life? Professionally or personally? (250-word max)

Artist Path Finder Questions:

10) Do you have a creative business/are you working creatively? Please describe. (250-word max)

11) Who inspires you creatively, and who do you inspire? (250-word max)

12) How would the people in your life closest to you describe you? (150-word max)

13) What do you wish you had known about being a professional creative that no one told you? (150-word max)

14) Do you have any upcoming events or projects to promote? (150-word-max)

Wellbeing and Creative Healing Questions:

15) How has wellness and self-care affected your life? (200-word max)

16) How have mental health challenges affected/affecting your life? (200-word max)

17) What is something people may misunderstand about you? (250-word max)

18) Are you a Wellness Worker or professional helper? If so, please describe the work you do./If so, do you work for a charity or non-profit organization? (250-word max)

19) Do you bring your authentic self forward in most social situations, or do you find that this is impossible to be truly authentic in the world we live in? (150-word max)

20) How has creative participation supported your mental health? (150-word max)

Housing Crisis and Social Issues Questions:

21) Which current events or social justice issues interest you? Examples include: Housing Crisis, BLM, Animal rights, Vaccines, MMIWC, (150-word-max)

22) Can you describe your approach to story-telling? We find that some individuals share their stories from a promotional or victim standpoint. We favour authentic, critical, and inspiring story-telling. (150-word max)

Send your answers to artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.com

Next: Our team will be in touch to schedule and Confirm your episode.

We create a podcast book cover, including a synopsis of your story/interview with your photo or a photo that represents your story for promo. We will send it to you for approval before publishing your podcast episode.

We record your interview over zoom and publish vocals only on our podcast. If your interview is done in person, we may record Visuals. You choose how much or how little you will share.

Please participate in our debriefing discussion at the end if you feel that the conversation has triggered a traumatic reaction? We know that occasionally sharing your story can trigger complex emotions, and our team is here to support you.

This opportunity is excellent for:

*Those looking for an outlet to empower themselves

*Those wanting to inspire others to overcome challenges

* Aspiring and established motivational speakers

*Life coaches and wellness professionals

*Those looking to network with like-minded individuals.

Do you wish to share your skills as a volunteer? Contact us to get started. We are looking for help with copywriting, photography, co-hosting and promotions.

  • Benefit: We make your book cover and podcast cover to match your style and story! Use the description we create to promote yourself.
  • Reach a new audience: our combined reach on social media is a potential of 4000 listeners.

Share your upcoming activity and events.

Season 1

A Sample of our Past Story Tellers from 2018 in-person events:

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