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Mindfulness Art-Based Programs/Sessions (MABPs), Social Art Groups (SAGs), and Artist Studio Immersion (ASIs): Exposure to and participation in creative arts activities can be a predictor of well-being. All Activities and Sessions can be adjusted to suit groups of any size.

Coordinators, please schedule a meeting to discuss your group. Choose a Supplies List OR Art Kits. Kits can be delivered, shipped, or picked up.

Art Journaling (MABPs) Outcome: Gather New Ideas and Share Your Creations. Not your typical social art journalling activity. This activity uses complex expressions to expand the mind and promote self-reflection, creativity and clarity. Trendy and growing in popularity, Art Journaling is a form of self-expression, blending visual and verbal ideas and thoughts as a tool for self-care.

We take it up a notch!

Participants are guided through self-reflection exercises and meditation to get into the right headspace for authentic and intentional creative expression. Using our Prompts developed using art therapy principles, we create with simple art tools and supplies, which you may already have at home, to transform your Journal and express yourself through art! 2.5 Hour session. Up to 10 people $250/ Up to 20 people $350

Required: A journal and general art supplies. A supplies list is provided.

Gentle Painting (MABPs/ASIs) Outcome: Feel proud and relaxed while creating a unique canvas art piece. Gentle Painting features meditation, brush, tools and finger painting techniques. We encourage creativity and interpretation over the paint-by-numbers method. We help you through the discomfort so you can leave feeling relaxed and with a piece of art you can be proud of!

We supply everything you need to create a beautiful painting. Our instructor guides you step by step and encourages creative exploration and fun. 3-Hour session with 2 15-minute breaks. Groups of up to 10 for $250. Groups of up to 20 for $375 Recieve a Suggested Supplies List.

Request Art Kits for $20/ pp + shipping or delivery (pick up avail.)

Click Here to view a gallery of past Gentle Painting Sessions and designs.

Self-Love Self Worth Inventory (MABPs/SAGs) Outcome: Discover Radical Self-Acceptance! Low self-worth can be obvious or hidden under layers of survival and coping mechanisms.

So, be ready to get honest and open your heart to the most crucial person in your life, YOU! Self-worth inventories will highlight areas where you lack self-worth, self-love or self-confidence.

Sometimes we have insecurities which we are not even aware of. These are holding us back. Other times we are well aware of our lack of self-esteem and don’t know where to start or feel defeated. Looking at behaviours, patterns, and habits, we develop a creative plan for increased Self Love.

First, I define surrounding Self Love and invite everyone to track their answers on two insightful inventories. Next, we have a discussion and share our thoughts. You will receive an activity paper to print off or look at on your screen to help you develop a Creative Self-Love Plan for the following two weeks. This creative exercise will help you remember the promises made to yourself s in the moment’s clarity.

3-Hour session with a 15-minute break. Groups of up to 10 for $375. Groups of up to 20 for $475 Recieve a Suggested Supplies List.

Rhiannon Barry, Program Developer and Facilitator, Be Whimsi Creative Wellness & Retreats

I am excited to learn more about your group and provide you with new creative tools for self-reflection and well-being. Join me in evaluating habits and exploring emotions. Let me guide you using some fun and insightful art techniques, whether it’s a way of feeling you’d like to change or just some social fun.

I support you in reaching your goals using expressive arts and self-reflective exercises. Self Reflection, Realizations, and Self -Love bring you closer to your ideal life. Each session features a guided creative art activity and corresponding discussion.

We provide a list of recommended art and craft supplies found at the Dollar Store (a $25 or less value), some of which you may already own.

As a Welcome, you gain access to our 20-card deck of Art Journaling Prompts so you can continue to be inspired on your Creative wellness Journey once your session is completed!

Some of our past Online Group participants have included:

Npaamb Indigenous Youth Employment And Training youth group 2022

Be Whimis Lives Child, Youth, Adult and Senior groups 2020, 2021, 2022

Figment Festival Toronto The Whole Family/All Ages 2020, 2021

Strive Niagara Young Mothers2021

GirlsTalk Niagara Young Women 2020, 2021

ATTCH Niagara Adult Trauma Therapy Clientelle 2020

Confidentiality and Integrity are guaranteed.

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