Retreat- Showcase

Creatively calm your mind and free your spirit.

No artistic experience is required; bring an open mind and creative spirit to any event.

Upcoming Mini Showcase Retreats are on our Events and Activities page!

Try our Annual Mini Retreat Showcases:

May/June- In The Healing Garden: Features Nature- inspired foraging & crafting, guided self-reflection sessions, and healing movements

February- Relax It’s Only Art: Features rec-based therapeutic art activities, including express yourself activities, and meditation

August- ‘Life’s A Beach, relaxing blue space with beach & water themed arts, crafts, wellness sessions, and yoga at sunset overlooking the lake

Our Key Activities and Areas of Focus:

Welcome to your stress antidote, mini versions of our longer retreats. Affordable opportunities to try first and meet our excellent staff!

*Art activities developed for Mindfulness & Self-Reflection sessions

*Integration of Green & Blue Space to connect with your evolutionary self.

*Addressing Chronic Stress, Burnout & Anxiety with sharing, caring, gentle movement, socialization, and creative expression

*Providing fun social crafting and painting lessons-art skill building

Learn new self-healing strategies for calm and positive change in your life!
Craft and have creative conversations🎨🌻

Our Facilitators are Personal Coaches, Artists, Nature Enthusiasts, Yoga and Wellness Instructors, Social Workers, and experienced counselors.

What You Can Expect:

Creatively relax your mind and free your spirit.

Arrive at a welcoming space and our attentive facilitators & guest instructors. Depart relaxed and aligned with your creations and emotionally lighter.

A Neurography Art Experience co-led by Heather Fraser Art and Rhiannon Barry of Be Whimsi

Choose to participate in various art or wellness sessions or take some free time for yourself to explore or journal.

Leave feeling Relaxed:

Andrea of Ganga Moon Yoga delivering her Hatha yoga Experience at Dusk
Sam Out Loud Delivering her ‘Align Your Mind’ Wellness Session

Development of personalized intentions and building resilience against chronic stresses and burnout‘s adverse psychological and physiological effects.

All the creative activities we include are based on art therapy principles, and we facilitate the discussions afterwards. There is “no right or wrong” to what one creates in these sessions. No artistic experience is required.

Bring your yoga mat for yoga or meditation. Don’t have one? No problem, we got you.

Mental Health and Community Resources

Our team is COVID-19 anxiety, social anxiety, and PTSD trauma aware. For anything outside of our scope, we refer to those more qualified than ourselves.

Be Whimsi Creative Wellness and Retreats Showcases are scheduled throughout the year and are open to the community as both a way of giving back and of introducing ourselves and staying connected!

How I’m feeling right now, and the things I’m doing for myself aren’t working.

I enjoy creativity and need or want to express how I’m feeling.

Sessions are planned using rec-based art therapy principles and developed using cognitive restoration theory.

Let’s explore the newest information about Nature Prescription. Replenish Energy Levels with Urban Nature Crafting. Grab a straw basket and forage for flowers and other organic materials. Let’s make a nature-based craft.

Nature Inspired connections with the evolutionary self are based on applying cognitive restoration theory.

Wellness Sessions & Self Healing

Join us in reflecting on the sources and micro stressors, daily obstacles, and chronic stressors with body movement and art exercises and personal coaching, workshops, or lessons. Let us guide you through reflective sessions with a therapeutic meditation quantity.

Paint along with us ~ Mindful or Social Guided Classes

Gentle Painting is a Mindfulness Art-based Session. Many studies have linked creative arts and nature-based therapy to stress reduction, positive mindset, and behavioural changes. Sharing our Art with others provides a sense of belonging and builds confidence. Art as Therapy involves activities used as therapeutic tools toward healing, clearing the mind of intrusive thoughts, and expressing oneself.  

Creative Crafting Fun

Empowerment workshop and crown crafting
Boho Wall-hanging, an example of crafting activities by Be Whimsi Art Loft.

Beautiful outdoor venues and indoor spaces alike

Group Projects

And so much more!

Notes From Be Whimsi Art Loft
How Social Arts increases Wellbeing: With others or when self-guided, painting allows one to focus on the moment and provides an opportunity to enjoy the present. It will enable the everyday stresses to subside and, in the end, there is something unique to look at or share with others. Sharing our Art with others provides a sense of belonging and builds confidence.

Disclaimer: Be Whimsi coordinators and facilitators are not therapists, doctors, nutritionists, nurses, or lawyers. Any coaching or creative activities are not considered advice from one of the professionals mentioned above.  We have experienced art instructors, community service workers, artists, wellness support workers, and professional helpers.  Therefore, some of them may have certificates or credentials or may be pursuing certifications in the social sciences. If accredited, their accreditation will appear following their name or workshop.

Meet The Facilitators

Rhiannon Barry, Visual Artist, Social Worker, Art and Wellness Program Developer, Community Program Coordinator
Community Artist guest Facilitator – Heather Fraser, Visual Artist, Creative Activity Developer, Community Builder, and Workshop Facilitator

Guest Facilitator
Thank you for your kind donation of venue spaces throughout the year to host some of our outdoor retreats,

Previous Events By Creative Wellness Haven A collaboration of BE WHIMSI and H ADELE CAMPBELL ARTIST

This Mother’s Day, May 8th, 2022- Creative Wellness Haven Presents: Elements of Art & Nature Mini-Retreat, St.Catharines, ON

Purchase Your Ticket

Mothers Day 2022, May 8th. Purchase Yours Now! Presented by Creative Wellness Haven, a collaborative approach to retreat planning with Artist Adele Campbell and Artist Rhiannon Barry:

  • Be Whimsi Art Loft’s Guided Creative Wellness Activities: Restorative Life Planning, Gentle Painting, Guided Forest Bathing and Reflective Journaling, Artistic Nature Workshops, Guided Mindfulness and Movement, Guided Meditations and Therapeutic Expressive Arts & Crafting workshops.
  • Creative Wellness Haven Retreats specifically include: Adele Campbell’s Inspired Heart Activities: Long-term Rejuvenation-Care Planning Curriculum, Art Activities, Guided meditation and breathwork sessions.
  • All retreats may also include Wellness Coaching or Creative Expressive Art activities (drumming circle) led by additional guest facilitators and community partners


Great for mother-daughter, sisters, and friends!

Micro versions of our Mindfulness art-based programs and Wellness coaching activities. Enjoy Live Creative Wellness Haven Sessions Free!

Why attend a Day Retreat:

I want to relax with like-minded supportive people and have fun.

We facilitate both the creative process and the discussions afterward, and everything we do is based on art therapy principles.

Treat yourself or a loved one to some much-needed time away from the stresses of life & work responsibilities.

Our activities include a daily ‘Restoration Plan’ so you can continue to apply the most compelling aspect of the retreat to your life.

Light refreshments included.

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