Creatively calm your mind and free your spirit.

Our Showcases

May: In The Healing Garden: Features Nature-inspired,materials foraging, guided self-reflection painting or crafting sessions, and healing movements.

August: Life’s A Beach: Relaxing blue space with beach & water themed arts, crafts, wellness sessions, and yoga at sunset overlooking the lake for the whole family.

Upcoming Showcases: Events and Activities page!

Showcases feature Local Artists, Wellness Workers and Professional Helpers in a variety of beautiful venues, both indoors and out. These reflect a mini version of our longer retreats and are affordable opportunities to try first and meet our excellent Facilitators and partners!

Our Key Activities and Areas of Programming Focus:

Art activities developed for Mindfulness & Self-Reflection sessions

Integration of Green & Blue Space to connect with your evolutionary self

Addressing Chronic Stress, Burnout & Anxiety with sharing, caring, gentle movement, socialization, and creative expression

Providing fun social crafting and painting lessons and art skill building

You don’t need any artistic experience; bring an open mind and creative spirit to any event.

Join us in reflecting on the sources, micro stressors, and daily obstacles. Enjoy body movement and art exercises, personal coaching, music, workshops or lessons all programmed into a fun, creative day!

The Purpose of the Showcases:

To give back to the community and remove barriers to arts or wellness activities by offering quality retreat days for free and lowcost.

To support local artists and wellness workers and their buisnesses

To create a community of like-minded individuals and increase networking and collaboration between similar buisness owners

To reduce isolation and offer support to those who may be waiting for mental health services or who feel they need to try something new or different

To support single parents or parents who have barriers to childcare, so they can attend worry-free

Notes From Be Whimsi Art Loft
How Social Arts increases Wellbeing: With others or when self-guided, painting allows one to focus on the moment and provides an opportunity to enjoy the present. It will enable the everyday stresses to subside and, in the end, there is something unique to look at or share with others. Sharing our Art with others provides a sense of belonging and builds confidence.

Disclaimer: Be Whimsi coordinators and facilitators are not therapists, doctors, nutritionists, nurses, or lawyers. Any coaching or creative activities are not considered advice from one of the professionals mentioned above.  We have experienced art instructors, community service workers, artists, wellness support workers, and professional helpers.  Therefore, some of them may have certificates or credentials or may be pursuing certifications in the social sciences. If accredited, their accreditation will appear following their name or workshop.

Meet The Facilitators

Showcase Coordinator:Rhiannon Barry, Visual Artist, Social Worker, Art and Wellness Program Developer, Community Program Coordinator
Community Artist/Guest Facilitator 2022
– Heather Fraser, Visual Artist, Creative Activity Developer, Community Builder, and Workshop Facilitator

Guest Facilitator 2022
Thank you for your kind donation of venue space throughout the years to host some of our outdoor retreats,

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