Creative Conversations

Connect creatively with a Pen Pal in an expressive conversation.

Connecting with others during COVID-19: Combating social isolation with creative conversation~ using photography, crafting, creative writing, painting, video, poetry…

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SESSION 2: Dec 22th to Jan 4th

SESSION 3: Jan 24 to Feb 7th

What is a Creative Pen Pal

This is a project organized by Rhiannon Barry, Free to the community and designed to foster long lasting connections for all types of individuals with all creative skills levels .

IG @RhiannonBarryArt @BeWhimsiArtLoft #BeWhimsi FB Group Art By Rhiannon Barry

Inspired by my own participation in a Artists’ Call and Response project (Shoebox Call and Response), drawing on a Jazz-like style of conversation between creatives, this project, Creative Conversations, is an interesting way to stay connected and make new connections using elements such as poetry or short stories, painting or sketching, photography or digital art… just about anything goes.


During these times many of us feel isolated and are missing the social connections we used to have with friends, Sooooo have fun with this! Go to the dollar store or Michaels and pick out some supplies, maybe even try something new. Experiment, explore and be free. You never know the connections you may make and talent you might discover.

You don’t need to be a professional artist to participate, but you may find yourself matched with one!

I welcome anyone feeling less connected these days.

How to be A Creative Pen Pal

Free to participate.

You will be randomly matched with someone and one of you will create an art piece and the other will reply to it.

You can create about your feeling and experiences during COVID or strike up friendly conversation using creativity and see where the exchange leads you.


14 days

1)I draw the Matches randomly LIVE on FB Page and Group Art By Rhiannon Barry.

2) Everyone receives an email from me with details connecting you to your partner that day.

3)Artist 1 creates the first piece. They will send a digital version of their art to Artist 2 within 24 hours of receiving my email. Look at this as a challenged! The first one is always the hardest.

4) Artist 2 will then have 48 hours to create something in response back to Artist 1 and this will continue for 14 days.

5) At the end of 2 weeks one of you will label all the pieces in the creative conversation in the order of the works created and with the correct Artist’s name. See the example below:

1-Name of Artist 1

2-Name of Artist 2

3-Name of Artist 1

4-Name of Artist 2  

5-Name of Artist 1  and so on…

One of you two will send me your jpegs or videos in a file to  *Using drop box or Google Drive.

6) I will upload all of the “conversations” to an online exhibition on and share the link with all of you.

In the end, you will likely have 4 to 10 pieces each. If you create more then 4 each, that’s fine. If you only create 3 each, that’s fine too. Some of your back and forth will be quicker than 48 hours, so that would mean you will produce a higher amount of pieces. Just let you and your match’s vibe lead the flow.

You are encouraged to create brand-new works in response to their Match’s creations. If you are adding directly on top of or to your Match’s pieces PLEASE ask them if they are in agreement first.  You are encouraged to respond with an original concept inspired by their replies.

I know some people will be anxious about creating an awesome piece in this time limit but that’s the point! TO challenge YOUR IMAGINATION AND GROW 🙂 Whether you only have 30 mins or have 4 hours to create we still want you to participate! This is not about producing a masterpiece. It’s about connecting with others in a new way.

Are you  interested in connecting and being matched with a Creative Pen Pal? Send your details to

Social Media Handles:

Facebook Handle

Instagram Handle

Website (if you have one)

I hope you will form a connection and engage with your Match in friendly conversation as you exchange your pieces and discuss how and why you made the pieces. You are not obligated to divulge your reasons behind any pieces if you do not feel comfortable to. We want this to be a welcoming and perhaps a healing social opportunity for ALL during these challenging times!

7) At the end, and after I have set up the online exibit, you will receive an invitation to join a Live Chat Room (Zoom) where you and your partner might speak briefly about your creative conversation with the group. This is a time to see what everyone else made and hear about others experiences with the project. Again, sharing your feelings and thoughts is not mandatory. You can share as much or as little as you’d like to.

It’s important to remember that everyone likely feels a bit of anxiety when exposing their work to someone. You are on this journey together. Reach out to your partner with questions. You can lean on eachothers interpretations of this project.

I chose 24 hours for the first piece because it’s a nice challenge for Artist 1 as well it acts as a speedy kick-off for you both! I chose WITHIN 48 hours for the remaining turnarounds because this is supposed to be helpful in relieving stress, and not meant to add to it, so I wanted you to have a bit more time. I know some people are busy and may still wish to participate, others may want to take their time creating, depending on their chosen medium. But I also wanted to keep a bit of momentum going. REMEMBER, You can create a small piece in a sketch pad, take a photo and digitally enhance it, write a poem, or perhaps create a small sculpture or even something larger if you have time to complete it.

Links to past examples of conversations: COMING SOON

Creative Conversations 1 (Nov 2020). LINK WILL BE ADDED IN MID DEC. 2020

Please only enter if you feel you can complete the 2 weeks! We are in this together.

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