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Mindfulness Art-Based Programs/Sessions (MABPs), Social Art Groups (SAGs), and Artist Studio Immersion (ASIs): Exposure to and participation in creative arts activities can be a predictor of well-being.

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The Stress Antidote Outcome: Make Inner Peace Your First Resort!

Guided creative exercises to calm your mind in a busy world. Is your mind & body asking you to take a break? Do you leave work exhausted, with a headache, or dread going places? Are you feeling unhealthy and burnt out or overwhelmed? You are not alone. Developed using Cognitive Restoration Theory, enjoy this mindful practice of creating art with a strong focus on reconnecting with your natural self, the effects of urban living, including the psychological and physiological outcomes of chronic stress, light, and noise pollution, pressure to be productive, and daily obstacles. Activities feature self-reflection, recharging, realization, relaxation, and reimagining a path for a calmer life. Make the change you need. 4 x 2-Hour sessions $400 HST included.

Inspired To Change Outcome: Make Your Goals A Reality!

Setting an intention for change is easy, but sticking to them can be difficult. When you participate in this program, we look candidly at your Beliefs, Values & Habits. Using art, we explore what may be holding you back from making the changes you desire or know need to be made. We develope an Accountability Plan and provide support. We create a plan for dealing with setbacks and check in during the following 4 weeks post-session to provide the necessary accountability support. 4 x 2-Hour sessions and 4 weeks of 20 min check-ins $400 HST included.

Self-Love Self Worth Inventory Outcome: Discover Radical Self-Acceptance!

Low self-worth can be obvious or hidden under layers of survival and coping mechanisms. So, be ready to get honest and open your heart to the most crucial person in your life, YOU! Self-worth inventories will highlight areas where you lack self-worth, self-love, or self-confidence. Sometimes we have insecurities that we are not even aware of. So they end up holding us back in relationships, careers, and other areas of our lives.

Other times we are well aware of our lack of self-esteem and don’t know where to start or feel we can’t make a change. We will create a foundation for you to build your love and belief in yourself through creative exercises! 3 x 2-Hour sessions $400 HST included.

Why Is Calm So Hard Outcome: Utilize Art & Creativity To Help Regulate Emotions!

First, I get to know what frustrations you have in your life or unresolved issues that may come forward as anger or anxiety. Then I can give you some tools to use when these moments arise. They will help you find calm until the anger or fear passes. Together we will create a plan for making changes or creating more calm. Let’s learn how Creativity can calm the mind and body or express yourself when words are not enough. Activities involve relaxing activities you can do anywhere.3 x 2-Hour sessions $300 HST included.

Relax, It’s Only Art Outcome: Believe That The Art World Needs You Too!

Imposter Syndrome is a condition in which a person feels they could be accused of fraud by their peers at any time.  It is common in many professions but is exceptionally pervasive in creative careers where professional success and peer approval or acceptance are derived from subjectivity. This syndrome manifests as social anxiety, as believing you will fail no matter what you produce and devaluing your worth compared to how talented you think you should be. The result is missed opportunities.

For creatives, the long-term effects of constant path finding through restrictive professional environments while also dealing with highs and lows of acceptance and rejection or criticism will produce good art over time, but how do you survive it? I’d like to give you tips to tune out the NOISE and stay true to your craft. You can be something other than a professional artist to participate. 3 x 2-Hour Sessions $300 HST included.


Rhiannon Barry, Program Developer and Facilitator, Be Whimsi Creative Wellness & Retreats

I am excited to learn more about you and provide you with new creative tools for self-reflection and well-being. Join me in evaluating your habits and exploring your emotions. Let us guide you using fun and insightful art techniques, whether it’s a way of feeling you’d like to change or a habit you want or need to break.

I support you in reaching your self-healing goals using expressive arts and self-reflective exercises. Self Reflection, Realizations, and Self -Love bring you closer to your ideal life. Each session features a guided creative art activity and corresponding discussion.

We provide a list of recommended art and craft supplies found at the Dollar Store (a $25 or less value), some of which you may already own.

As a Welcome, you gain access to our 20- card deck of Art Journaling Prompts so you can continue to be inspired on your Creative Wellness Journey once your sessions are completed!

Confidentiality and Integrity are guaranteed.

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