A Novel Idea & A Creative Spark

Call For Art Call For Writers: We are looking for your already-made pieces to help us kick of Rounds 3,4,5,& 6. Please submit your visual art or short stories under 3000 words to artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.com for consideration. Receive 10% of ticket sales revenue from the Round in which your piece is used to prompt and inspire the participants. Also receive a chance to be published, Please note: If your piece is chosen as a prompt you are ineligible to participate as a participant in said Round. There is no cost to submit! Read more about this program below.

An Online Social Arts Group with opportunity to have your Art and Writing Published.

Who Should Join:

Creative Collaboration For Writers & Artists who wish to create with likeminded individuals, share their works, be inspired and work towards publishing a collaborative manuscript featuring many of the writing and visual art pieces included and made over many Rounds.

This is a long-term project. There will be several Rounds each year.

We Rotate between 2 types of Rounds.

Type 1 For Writers- ‘A Novel Idea and Writers Preview

Type 2 For Visual Artists-‘A Creative Spark & Art Readings

Photo by Daian Gan on Pexels.com

How To get Started

Sign up as A Writer or As an Artist on Eventbrite Each Round’s Investment is $15. Create for 3 weeks then meet inline. Our Jury will pick a winner each Round. Winners receive 10% of ticket revenue and a chance to be published.

Round 1: May 7th to June 4th 2022: Round 1 ‘A Novel Idea’ Registration for this Round is now closed.

July 9th to 30th: Feeling antsy for the next Round – Try Creative Conversations Pen Pals Project to Wet your Whistle while you wait! A 2-week 48-hour Call & Response. Challenging. Inspiring. Encouraging.

Round 2: Sept 2022: Round 2 ‘A Creative Spark’

Round 3: Oct 2022: Round 3 ‘A Novel Idea’

Round 4: Nov 2022: Round 4 ‘A Creative Spark’

Round 5: Jan 2023: Round 5 ‘A Novel Idea’

Round 6: Feb 2023: Round 6 ‘A Creative Spark’

Are you a Writer? Join Rounds 1,3,& 5: A Novel Idea & Writers Preview

What to Expect:

1) We show the same Art Piece to the whole group and everyone is inspired by it for your new and original writing piece. You cannot submit anything already written or published.

Join our Welcome and Q & A Session before you begin.

2)Take three weeks to create a short story, a poem, a think piece…

3) Share what you’ve created (first drafts) 3-weeks later in our Writers Review Group over zoom. You will receive an invitation to attend based on the best meeting time for the majority.

4) Followed by a chance to showcase other projects that you may be working on. Ask questions, seek advice! It’s an opportunity to hear your first drafts read out loud by others, to read out loud to the group, to receive feedback and to explore different perspectives while having fun!

Benefits: Find new inspiration, receive feedback from professional authors and poets, and become a part of our creative community. Goal: To publish a collective juried works. Attend one of our welcome and Q& A’s to learn more.

Not Sure if it’s for You? Email artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.com with your questions or to request a 1 to 1 meeting on zoom.,

Are You A Visual Artist? Join Rounds 2,4, & 6: A Creative Spark & Art Readings

What to Expect:

1) We send the same Creative Writing Piece to the whole group and offer a Welcome and Q & A zoom session.

2) You read the piece and feel inspired by it.

3) Share what you’ve created 3-weeks later in an Artist’s Chat Group over zoom. We send you Encouragement along the way.

4) Followed by a chance to showcase what else you may be working on. Ask questions, Seek advice. It’s a chance to get your art reviewed by your peers and explore different perspectives while having fun! Receive peer reviews from Artists at all different levels of their careers, professional writers, and become a part of our Creative Community!

Benefits: Find new inspiration, receive feedback from your peers, and become a part of our creative community. Goal: To publish a collaborative book with writers and visual artists.

Our Next Round: Begins in Sept 2022(TBA)

Additional Information and guidelines added shortly. We appreciate your patience!

How to get started: Start by signing up on Eventbrite: Your Investment is $15/ Round. Your contribution assists in the continued provision of this online project, honorariums for winners, prompt contributors, and costs associated with publishing.


What Happens To Our Works After We Create?

Each Round the project coordinators and one invited Jury member. who we hold in high esteems as a writer or visual artist, will award as Jury’s Choice for that Round.

What Happens if Your Piece is Chosen As A Jurys Choice?

As a Jurys Choice recipient, your piece will be included in a collection of artistic works (both written and visual art) that will be combined together for a Manuscript that we will put forward as manuscript for publication, a collaborative collection between Canadian Writers and Visual Artists.

If you are chosen for the manuscript, you will receive an official agreement outlining all the policies about use of artistic and literary works as well as and a timeline of what to expect and where to find the publication.

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