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DIY Birthday: We set up a table with 6 different slime and orbies buckets for your children to stick their hands in and play with. We come back and take it all away. $1100 + HST & travel if outside of Niagara.

*ADD a goodie bag gift: Individual 4oz Premade Slime Kits with 4 add-ins (Various Sparkle glues and Gems) that they add themselves for $10.50 ea.

  • ADD 2 staff to stay $450 + HST

Please ask questions!

Festival Package: Includes an interactive sensory slime bar! That includes a and make-and-take section.

There are 3 buckets of water beads and 2 buckets of slime for playing. The make-and-take includes a variety of sparkles, gems and other addins. Each child receives a 4oz pre-made slime and sits at our bar. Staff guides them to create their own concoction that they can take home!

For 0-250 ppl $1550 + HST 1 day *includes 3 staff members

For 251-500 ppl $2400 + HST 1 day *includes 3 staff members

*Add 100 ppl for $200


Please start by answering the following questions:

How large is your event
How many days do you run?

Homany children do you expect to come through?

How many activities do you want?

What is your budget?

We will send you a proposal!

Rhiannon Barry, Program Developer and Facilitator, Be Whimsi Creative Wellness & Retreats

In The Soil Art Fest.

Some of our past Slime Bars Have Included:

In The Soil Art Festival 2018

N-O-T-L Supper Market 2019

Wise Kids Charity Fun Day 2019

Beamsville Art Lives Here 2022

Fling on King, Beamsville Street Festival 2022

Some of our past Children’s Areas Have Included:

Niagara Folk Arts Festival 50th Anniversary celebration Launch Weekend   2018                                     

The Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival 2016-2017                                                   

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