Overnight Retreats

For price and availability: https://killarney.com/resort/events/art-and-nature-retreat/

Be Whimsi Art Loft is delighted to be offering Overnight Retreats in collaboration with various venue partners, independent activity coordinators, vendors, and wellness professionals.

Swim, soar, create, and breathe under a million stars and under a common sun and moon in a nurturing fertile environment where water kisses the shorelines and flows between islands and straits. Where trees sway upon rolling mountains full of local folklore and forests, call you home. Relax overnight in one of our venue-partner lodges that have been carefully built for nature immersion and comfort. Walk, hike, ponder, paint, create, breathe and reveal your best self.  Find your place in it all, away from the tethers that bind you to everyday life. I’m excited to guide you!

Creative Wellness Activity Facilitator Rhiannon Barry
for directions from Niagara, Toronto, Ottawa and Sudbury: https://killarney.com/resort/events/art-and-nature-retreat/
If postponed due to covid-19 public health advisories, we will alert you when the retreat/s are rebooked. Please reach out with any concerns.

Welcome To A Creative Wellness Haven, a collaborative approach at retreat planning to bring you Quality Creative Wellness Opportunities utilizing the healing qualities of art expression, nature, and self-care planning to create a safe and welcoming environment to rest and rejuvenate.

Leave feeling refreshed and confident to follow your creative self-care plan.
Creatively rest your mind & free your spirit.

Come as you are…

Strip away any modern facades, and you will find activities facilitated by professional helpers and artists who genuinely wish to make a difference in our communities and use art as a catalyst for relaxation, change, enjoyment and healing.

🌻 You are entering a no-judgment zone. Photography is limited, and photo consent is respected.

4 Days 3 Night weekday or 3 Days and 2 Night Weekend Retreat Packages are available.


  • Be Whimsi Art Loft’s Guided Creative Wellness Activities: Gentle Painting, Forest Bathing and Reflective Journaling, Artistic Nature Workshops with Mindfulness Movements, Guided Meditations and Therapeutic Expressive Arts & Crafting workshops.
  • Adele Campbell’s Inspired heArt Activities: Long-term Self-care Planning Curriculum, Art Activities, Guided meditation and breathwork sessions.
  • Retreats may also include Wellness Coaching or Creative Expressive Art activities (ex. drumming circle, pottery class) led by additional guest facilitators.

*All Art, Self-Care Planning and Adventure Supplies are provided.

We facilitate both the creative process and the discussions afterward, and everything we do is based on art therapy principles and self-care methods. Treat yourself or a loved one to some much-needed time away from the stressors of life & work responsibilities.

Wifi available in your room but, we encourage device detox and help you through it.

Upcoming Summer Retreat: We have partnered with the Killarney Mountain Lodge to offer Overnight Retreats in the beautiful Georgian Bay resort area.

Photo Credit Killarney Mountian Lodge https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVyZMWvF-zf/?utm_medium=copy_link

Capacity 20 people

Packages include resort accommodations, meals, intimate group healing sessions, a variety of art and craft activities designed to encourage self-reflection and rejuvenation, forest activities designed to reconnect you with your evolutionary self, an off-the-grid boat trip to free you from the tethers of everyday life, purifying water activities, drumming on the beach, immersive activities designed to stoke your inner flame, a fire burning ceremony, journaling time,  quantum flow breathing techniques, and a gift bag from the artist facilitators and local vendors!

Welcome to the Creative Haven, where no artistic talent is required; just bring an open mind! Enjoy relaxing on this creative retreat day with beginners’ activities developed using applied psychological benefits of creative expression and mindfulness.

Enjoy relaxing at one of the delightfully welcoming local venues while being guided through various creative-intuitive activities led by experienced art instructors and wellness professionals.


No artistic talent is required. We ask that you come with an open mind and be ready to get creative and enjoy nature! We are featuring beginner’s art activities intermingling with long-term self-care planning and environmental recharging activities.

With others or when self-guided painting allows one to focus on the moment and provides an opportunity to enjoy the present. It will enable the everyday stresses to subside and, in the end, there is something unique to look at or share with others. Sharing our Art with others provides a sense of belonging and builds confidence.

Example of one of the many wall hanging craft kits be whimsi provides.
Example of a Lavender sachet craft kit.


Check-in Tuesday, May 17th at 4pm Check-Out Friday May 20th at 11 am.

Included: Lodging and Meals for Guests

There are several room options for participants

  • Pine Lodge Rooms (Queen) (Single)
  • Covered Portage Queen Suites (Double) (Single)

Tuesday – Dinner, Wednesday – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Thursday – Breakfast, Packed Lunch, and Dinner, Friday – Breakfast

Includes a half-day Boat Charter

Additional Amenities & Activities available for participants as add-ons during their free time (* see your agenda)

  • The Pine Room Fitness Centre
  • The Outdoor Pool (if open)
  • Sauna
  • Pavilion Games Room
  • Complimentary use of  resort’s bicycles, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards
  • Registered Massage Therapy (by appointment)
  • Wine Tasting

*Participants are responsible for booking all add-ons through the front desk during Free Time as in the agenda.

What to do during Free Time:

*Retreat and Relax in your comfortable room.

*Explore the resort and surrounding beauty.

*Explore the resort, the town and hotel amenities.

Bringing a project, you may already be working on is encouraged but not required. We include various art supplies and instructional prompts to help you create a beautiful piece or two.

The Benefits of Creating Together:

Many of our activities are planned for Outside. Still, suppose it is raining or the temperatures are chilly. In that case, we will meet on the beautiful indoor terrace overlooking the lake and in the grand room with its fireplace and comfortable furniture.

Artist & Wellness Guide Rhiannon Barry

Rhiannon Barry

Artist Bio: https://bewhimsiartloft.ca/art-artist/about-the-artist/

Happy Paint Class Participant
Artist and Self-Care Curriculum Facilitator Adele Campbell

Our Agenda (Subject to change):

Beautiful outdoor scenes
Guided & Expressive Painting
Group Art Journaling
Complimentary Gift Bags
Complimentary Journals
Foraging for nature art activity materials and tips for how and why the Rejuvenation method is essential for urban city dwellers as we discuss the most recent scientific findings.
Art Kits for
Free time and creative expression available throughout the retreat.
Plein air painting activity during free time.
W offer creative self-care planning; coaching using applied therapeutic approaches to a more balanced life. Fill in our intake form to get started.
Fun and calming, Gentle Painting activities includes finger painting, brushes and tools.
Enjoy Nature
Forest Bathing. Just listen and connect with your evolutionary self.
Disconnect from your Urban Environment.
Stop and Smell the Wildflowers. Perhaps try your hand at painting one or two.
Find balance at the beach with our water, stone or drumming activities.
Enjoy a boxed lunch outside or in your room.
Waterside, on the water, or plunge in; it’s up to you. Sign out paddle boards or a canoe.
With a variety of art kits and supplies you can enjoy some quiet reflection and explore your creativity alone or with the group.
Painting kits guide you along at your own pace.
Group painting classes.
Paint Like Monet class, a featured Gentle Painting class.
Just breath. Enjoy guided meditation and breathwork exercises.
Let us guide you through an Art Journaling for complex emotions activity.

Connect with the divine feminine over fire ceremonies.
Painting something you’ll love!
Soft butterfly Gentle Painting class.
Canoe Ride Gentle Painting paint class.
Read more about how I happened upon this lovely Gem!

Ask about our Children’s March Break and Summer Break Retreats

Child’s activities
Camps for kids!

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