Be Whimsi Overnight Retreats

Leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, remembering the promises you made to yourself during the clarity of this experience! ~Creative Wellness Activity Facilitator Rhiannon Barry

Join us for Overnight Immersive Wellness Retreats and experience the wraparound support our Team offers.

Participant in workshops led by trusted Artists and Wellness Workers, including life coaching, yoga, visual arts, artisan crafting, and a variety of wellness modalities focusing on utilizing the positive psychological and physiological effects of art therapy principles and environment psychology methods and practices.

Share your emotions with the group in a safe and supporting environment. We facilitate both a creative experience and supportive discussions afterward, and everything we do is based on our research and reviews of art therapy principles.

Take a break. Are you feeling burnt out? Time away from it all, and let us make the arrangements for you. Enjoy our venue partner’s beautiful rooms, comfortable beds, nutritious meals, and amenities.

Enjoy our complimentary follow-up activities and become a part of the Creative Conversations and Be Whimsi Creative Wellbeing community online or in-person events and activities!

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