We are delighted to work with you to bring your products and services to our participant!

Whether in-person or online, creative wellness can reduce stress, decrease depression and promote a more balanced lifestyle. Join us to give back to the community and expand your brand!

We operate in-person events within the Niagara Area and online services all over the world.

How to get started:

Pick a Tier and an amount to donate.

Make it official! Sign our Agreement.

We will follow up with you to discuss your benefits!

Send us your donation, product or arrange your service delivery.

Contact Rhiannon at ArtbyRhiannonBarry@gmail.com / 1-905-964-0405

Partnership Agreement for upcoming events~

Pick events to partner on.

Benefits List:

#1: Your Logo on our Event promotions and we tag you in all the postings.

#2: Logo and sponsor links on http://www.bewhimsiartloft.ca on the Creative Wellness Page under ‘Partners and Funders.’ Approx 350 views last month.

#3: Partner Spotlight on socials; a combined reach of all Be Whimsi and Art By Rhiannon, Creative Conversations Platforms including FB, Instagram, & LinkedIn. Plus the socials of any co-facilitators for the event. An approx total reach of 4500+.

#4: Donation Match: 10% value of your contribution value. (Ex. You donate $500; I purchase $50 for future event use).

#5: Product or service reviews on socials and YouTube. These are prerecorded YouTube Videos and/Live and lively on Instagram use and review of your products.

#6: Business interview. An opportunity to sell yourself to our followings and develop quality content for your platforms.  Join us on  Creative Conversations: A Living Library of Resilience Podcast.

#7: Product ad spot for 10 Episodes of the podcast. Let us know what to say, and we will deliver your ad in the middle of our next ten episodes. With a growing audience, this podcast is in its infancy and looking for sponsorships. New Episodes can be found on all major listening platforms, including YouTube, with a combined average of 250 listeners an episode thus far; episodes are posted 2-3 a month on average.

#8: Recieve 2x tickets to an online creative wellness coaching series or one of a Showcase mini-retreat day. You must supply your transportation. You may gift these to someone else. (Offer pertains to events with open availability, so RSVP is required.)

#9: Products placed in Swag Bags or door prize. Get the direct line to the customers! Gift bags are valued at $100+ for overnight retreats and $20-$50 for other events. We also have door prizes.

#10: Products used in retreat activity/workshop. Let us build a creative curriculum around your product. Do you have a great idea to incorporate it into our mediation, hiking, arts and crafts…?

#11: Receive the Name Title of one of our Retreats.

#12 Two tickets for a Niagara Overnight Retreat. Includes room and board. (Value of $900).

#13 Two tickets for a Killarney Overnight Retreat. Includes room and board. (Value of $3600)

1) Creative Partner

Donate a value of $50 in product or service

Receive Benefits: #1,2,9

2) Happy Helper

Donation value $150 in product or service
Recieve Benefits: #1,2,4,5,9

3) Giftbag Sponsor

Donation value $300 in product or service
Recieve Benefits: #1,2,3,4,5,7,9

4) Activity Sponsor

Donation value $500 in funding, product or service
Recieve Benefits: #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10

5) Creative Wellness Champion

Donation value $1500 in funding, product or service
Recieve Benefits: #1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9

6 Retreat Sponsor

a) Donation value $3000 in funding or services.
Recieve Benefits: #1,2,3,5,6,7,9,11,12

b) Donation value of $5500 in funding or services.
Benefits: #1,2,3,5,6,7,9,11,13

Contact: Artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.com

Please feel free to book a 15 or 30 min meeting to discuss more.

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