Wait, Let Me Get This Straight

A Living Library of Resilience Showcase

Wait, let me get this straight…Serendipitously noticing a quote tattooed on the arm of our podcast cohost, Carly, who, like Sam, participates in Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to treat Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Sam was excited to share her love for the quote.

‘No Day But Today’ resonates. It’s from the theatrical play, RENT, and means ‘there’s only us, there’s only now,’ and is a reminder of the importance of mindfulness and living in the now moment.

She is healed, healing and uncovering her resilience day-to-day and moment-to-moment. She is one year and 40-plus days sober, happy and engaged, planning a wedding. Sam reflects on the unpacking and reframing she’s been doing.

She also credits local arts-based community programs and those supportive spaces that allow her to discover and express her art and emotions.

With a singing background and an education in Musical Theatre, the opportunity to participate in the Nest Artist Residency, a structured 6-month program, allowed her to deepen her relationship with her audience and the artistic community. Told through song and storytelling, Sam’s one-woman show, showcased in 2021, was about her mental health, addiction and recovery journey.

Her daily writing practice also helps to ease the noise in her mind. The noise of everyday life is exacerbated by anxiety, depression or other mental illness such as BPD. BPD is characterized by frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment, self-harm (including alcohol and drugs), an unstable self-image, feelings of emptiness, challenging social interactions, trouble maintaining relationships, impulsivity, and severe emotional instabilities or anger. The DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for BPD contains additional information about this diagnosis.

Recently, she launched ‘Sam Out Loud,’ a support service offering resource navigation and lived experience advocacy for those who are curious, ready to, or are receiving mental health and addiction support but are finding the process isolating or overwhelming.


For a more in-depth experience, please consider participating in our creative wellness online programs and in-person retreats:

Change of Heart, 4-week Group: $150/pp, includes a complimentary one-to-one intake session, an individual change or self-care plan, four intimate group sessions, including art-making and self-reflection, sharing exercises, homework, and a one-to-one follow-up session. Share with others and know you are not alone. https://bewhimsiartloft.ca/creative-wellness/art-for-change/ Ongoing intake.

‘Elements of Art & Nature’ – Killarney, ON-4 Day and 3-night Rural Road Resort Retreat, May 17-20th, 2022 https://bewhimsiartloft.ca/overnight-retreats/

Why is Calm so Hard $240.00/pp-6-week Individual Sessions: A one-to-one Six-week curriculum-guided creative exercise to explore your habits and create real change. Share as much as little as you’d like to in each session. Each art activity is developed using rec-based therapeutic principles and creative expression to help you reflect and create a new plan. Let the act of creating assist you in expressing yourself and revealing new pathways in your life. Schedule a Complimentary Intake Meeting. Email: Artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.com #bewhimsi

Contact: artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.con

Welcome to the podcast studio! This is an amazing episode with two lovely ladies.
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Our Host:

I am your host Rhiannon Barry, a self-taught visual artist, community-minded wellness program developer, and psychology student and wellness retreat coordinator. I am interested in art therapy methods and environmental psychology, developing and facilitating online. In-person programs activate and retreats that encourage creative exploration as a form of self-care and well-being.

Join me with guests and co-hosts as I share stories and exchanges energy in mutual respect with individuals from all walks of life. Read more about her here: http://www.bewhimsiartloft.ca artbyrhiannonbarry@gmail.com/FB  Art By Rhiannon Barry/IG RhiannonBarryArt #art

Join our Creative Conversation. It’s a journey involving discussions to process RESILIENCY, a conversation of discovery and healing, pathfinding tips and storytelling for Creatives and talks among friends to open ears and eyes. We hope to find many new stories to share through the Living Library.

Our Co-host: Creator of Bizarrely Carly Podcast. Advocate for mental health. A videographer who dabbles in painting, drawing and writing.

Musician: The intro music to this podcast was played on the Rav vast drum by Carly Dalton. Carly is an illustrator, a musician and a writer. By sharing her music and artwork with the world, she aims to build deeper connections within communities and the beautiful nature we are surrounded by. Feel free to check out more of her work on Instagram or her Etsy shop page at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/EarthwalkerCardshttps://www.facebook.com/carlybridgettedalton

Our Guest: sammarchionda@gmail.com | 905-933-6606 IG @samoutloud | FB @samoutloudofficial

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