Bilateral Art Making- Creative Conversations Live Sessions

While showcasing the benefits of exploring, healing, and calming your mind with Bilateral Art-Making, we painted, drew and smudged away our anxieties and pent-up energies during a Free Live Session.

Two sides of bilateral art-making, by Rhiannon Barry

This creative wellness session was all about utilizing music to create positive art through Bilateral Drawing.

Just for the calm of it, by Rhiannon Barry

Although it may appear as if we are scribbling with both hands, the intent is not necessarily to make a fine piece of art with this method. Instead, we wanted you to engage both hands in the spontaneous drawing known as Bilateral stimulation.

Bilateral stimulation engages both brain hemispheres, connecting cognitive thoughts to physical. This approach to art-making appears to be simple, but it is more profound than just using two hands to create art. It is part of a set of automated tools whose properties are similar to rocking, walking, breathing or drumming.
We will be showcasing this activity so that you can create your very own Bilateral art practice using paint, markers, pencil crayons, pastels, or crayons; Bilateral art practice can be used as a self-regulation coping tool. It’s a grounding skill used by trauma victims and critical in treating PTSD.

Bilateral stamping, by Rhiannon Barry

The Benefits of participation:

🧘🏻‍♀️It impacts your emotions and helps to reframe negative thinking.

🧘🏼‍♂️It is a practice in impulse control-delaying the dominant hand and initiating the other.

🧘🏼‍♀️You gain another tool in your kit for self-regulation, the capacity to control one’s impulses and an increased ability to soothe and calm the body’s reactions.

🧘🏾‍♀️It is used as a grounding treatment and can help trauma victims to overcome the freeze response.

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Just for fun by Rhiannon Barry

This approach at rec-based therapeutic art-making is part of the ‘Express Yourself’ Mini Sessions sprinkled throughout the Elements of Art & Nature Creative Wellness Haven’s overnight retreat from May 17th to 20th in Killarney, Ontario, Canada.

Swim, soar, create, and breathe under a million stars and under a common sun and moon in a nurturing fertile environment where water kisses the shorelines and flows between islands and straits. Where trees sway upon rolling mountains full of local folklore and forests, call you home. Relax overnight in one of our venue-partner lodges that have been carefully built for nature immersion and comfort. Walk, hike, ponder, paint, create, breathe and reveal your best self.  Find your place in it all, away from the tethers that bind you to everyday life. I’m excited to guide you!

Purchase your tickets by March 10th!

See you there!

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