So Can You Help Me Heal With Art?

Yes, I can help you!

When an individual reaches out to me to find more info about what to do, I tell them that I develop and facilitate rec-based therapeutic art programming for groups and have one-to-one sessions.

They most often ask if I’m an art therapist, and I say no, but I’m working towards becoming one someday. For now, I offer Mindfulness Art-Based Programs (MABPs), Social Art Groups (SAGs), Artist Studio Immersions (ASIs)

Next, they may ask, ‘how does your program work?’

I tell them it is a social or mindfulness-based guided creative play, and if requested, I can refer them to additional professional services beyond my scope.

Another common question is: ‘How did you get into this work?’

I reply with, ‘I am a self-taught artist who has always viewed creativity as a catalyst for reflective healing and emotional expression. I also went to college and worked as a Community Services Worker for 7.5 years. I am an experienced trauma and crisis counsellor and am now in the third year of psychological counselling.’

That being said, I strive to merge my two strengths and upgrade my understanding of how art heals and helps from both a psychological and physiological perspective.

Every professional and life development brings me more clarity about how this can be accomplished!

Opportunities to participate/Be Whimsi Art Loft Offers:

Artist Studio Immersions:

Gentle Painting

Mindfulness Art-Based Programs:

Retreats,  online programs: ‘Why is Calm So Hard,’ ‘Inspired To Change,’ & and  Collaboration Events with other artists and wellness workers.

Social Art Groups:

‘Creative Conversations Pen Pals Project’ -Free to participate.

To learn more about each program or sign up, visit my website.

For information on the goals and mission of Be Whimsi Art Loft, please READ my blog:

Art Therapy Vs Creative Wellness Activities what’s the big difference?


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