EP.13 Artist Path Finder Series: The Journey of Life Holds Many Surprises



Welcome to the podcast A Living Library, where we have creative conversations. It’s a journey involving discussions to process resiliency, an exchange of discovery and healing, and talks among friends to open ears and eyes.  I am your Host Rhiannon Barry, a visual artist, social worker, community-minded wellness program developer, and wellness retreat coordinator. I have a diploma in community service work, studied journalism- communications, and am currently taking professional development courses in psychology counselling and art therapy. Join me and my special co-hosts and guests as we share stories and exchanges energy in mutual respect with individuals from all walks of life.  

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My guest today is Tom Grantis. Tom says it comes down to the 10,000-hour rule and attributes his artistic growth to having a ton of free time to practice drawing during the Covid-19 social restrictions. He had been a school teacher and coach who lived a typical life.

The term retirement had meant something different to Tom than it had meant to many in the generation before him. No, he did not long for long days filled with relaxation, crossword puzzles and planting marigolds.  Instead, he sought new interesting hobbies like novel and screenplay writing and taking art classes. 

Tom began drawing from a creative pool buried under years of hockey bags and grading matrixes. A sketch class in Port Colborne brought out a gift that Tom could never have imagined would end up filling his leisure years. With a particular interest in the life of art masters and a keen eagerness to gain knowledge of art history, this Creative is diving deeper into his new hobby.  He is excited to explore unique ideas for wildlife portraits too.

Now Tom creates detailed and moving images of people and pets. His piece titled  ‘Resolve’  is currently showing in the St. Catharines City Hall art exhibit. His transition from athlete and teacher to Artist has been swift and successful. He is now venturing into commission work and new opportunities to exhibit. Etsy Shop: TGrantisSketches

You can find his prints on Etsy.

Shoutout to our Sound Polisher Gabrielle Bond darkspeed/bandcamp.com and our Drummer Carly @eaarthwalker Dalton.

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