Art For Change

A 6-week online creative curriculum. Join in the process of evaluating your habits, implementing a change, becoming more intimate and open with your reasons for needing change, tracking your progress, staying on track for the future and using expressive arts as a tool when words aren’t enough.

Why Attend:

Set intentions for change and find the support to stick with them.

Is your mind & body asking you to take a break? Enjoy the mindful practice of creating art and let the answers come to you.

How I feel and the things I am doing for myself right now aren’t working.

Share as much as little as you’d like to in each session. Each art activity is developed using rec-based therapeutic principles and creative expression. Let the act of creating assist you in expressing yourself and revealing new pathways in your life.

One-to-one sessions: $300 6×1 hour

Next Group Session:

Jan 2022

Small-Group Sessions $200 6×1.5 hour per person

Small groups have a max of 5 participants.

Each session consists of a facilitator-led knowledge-sharing, a brief guided creative art activity, discussion and sharing, and an assigned homework piece. Sign up and receive access to a curriculum and supportive guide to making changes creatively. Whether it’s a way of feeling you’d like to change or a habit you want or need to break, let us guide you using some fun and insightful art techniques.

What is Creative Wellness?

Guide: Artist Rhiannon Barry


Gather your art supplies, make a trip to the dollar store, or your local craft stores for some inexpensive creative tools and materials.

6-week Curriculum 1: Inspired to Change

Topic 1

Setting Intentions For Change

Topic 2

Beliefs, Values & Habit Tracking

Topic 3

Implementing Change & Being Accountable 

Topic 4

What’s holding you back? Self-forgiveness Self-love

Topic 5

Putting Yourself First:

Anger, Hurt, & Forgiving Others

Topic 6

Dealing with  Setbacks

6-week Curriculum 2: Why is Calm So Hard?

Topic 1

Being Open To Receiving

Topic 2

Hello, It’s Me Your Inner Child

Topic 3

It’s Not You; It’s a Noisy World

Topic 4

Letting Go; Loss, Grief and Healing for 7 areas of your life.

Topic 5

Build Your Ideal Self in Your Ideal World

Topic 6

You Are Worthy, You Belong

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