You Art Not Here

When Michelle was a young art student taking architecture as an undergrad, it was experiencing the beautifully animated ballroom sequence in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that acted as a guide into her long-time career of animating movies.

Fantastic timing and dedication to a goal helped her land her dream job working as a character artist! With over 28 years at the company, she is in a managerial role overseeing and mentoring the teams creating animated movies.

Coinciding, Michelle produces her own work as an independent artist. Her recent exhibition was titled you Are Not Here.

Her digitally enhanced photographic art is both veiled and revealing. It contains traces and whispers of secrets you may never truly unearth. But these confidences have been revealed to Michelle. She has carefully navigated the threshold between art expression and gatekeeper, exploring the notion of the off-kilter space one experiences when life perspectives suddenly shift when family secrets are revealed. Captured in the art pieces are an intrusive shuffling of the deck, a broken identity, a comprehension of uncomfortable haplessness, and a realization that reality has been set anew.

See Michelles Artwok Here:

Produced, edited & hosted by Rhiannon Barry. Podcast Cover art and Bookcover by Rhiannon Barry. Shoutout to our Sound Polisher Gabrielle Bond of darkspeed/ and our Drummer Carly @eaarthwalker Dalton.

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