Episode 20: The Journey To Success From A Problem Child

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Jenny admits she has not always followed the rules. She dropped out of college the first time around but went back, fixated on achieving success.

The journey to success continues on a long and sobering road for this graphic designer and marketing business owner. Trusting that she had taken the proper steps to position herself on a no-contest track to business success, she quickly realized that life after college is not all it’s cracked up to be in the business world.

She shares her volunteering experiences and interviewing burnout and reminisces about how easy it is to get caught up in thinking the road to success would be formulaic.

She recalls the parade of successful individuals presented as the status quo as long as she followed a list of sure-fire steps to success. She followed them all with zest!  But Jenny found disappointment.

Her experiences as a female who is often mistaken for a male, grief from a breakup with her long-time love, covid-isolation and volunteer burnout showed her that there is much more to consider than some strategic list.

Now, the cost is high for this twenty-eight-year-old as she plans a cross-country move.  It hasn’t always been easy to keep her head held high once success didn’t arrive immediately as expected. Still, instead of allowing cognitive distortions to cloud her thinking, Jenny consciously focuses on daily gratitude and hopes this move will inspire continued momentum for her personal growth, meaningful experiences, and achievement in her new version of success.

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