Intuitive Art-Neurographic Art Making

Creative Wellness Haven’s ‘Express Yourself’ mini activities give you space to share and explore yourself creatively and encourage self-reflection and group sharing.

Art by Heather Fraser

Today’s session is facilitated by Artist Adele Campbell ( and Rhiannon ( with Special Guest Artist Heather Fraser. Heather’s been doing this intuitive art form for years without knowing their a scientific term and therapeutic intent for it as well (

Create and discuss
Neurography Art Creation in this Creative Conversations Live Mini activity, brought to you by Creative Wellness Haven Retreats.

What is Nerographic Art Making? Fun, practical and available to all, express your stress when words are not enough with this freeform drawing activity.

We all experience stress, anxiety and fear, and this practice can help you relieve those feelings.

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Once released, what appears as a random scribble can be turned into beautiful and exciting art. The first step is to draw lines randomly from your subconscious.

The second step is to step back and let your conscious take over as you find patterns and images in it all. Let these subconscious pieces pop out using colour and reinforcing forms using colourful markers or fine tip ink pens.

Let’s see what’s surfacing inside your mind!
Neuroscience says that you can create positive change with this creative wellness technique. The dormant neuro connections get activated, and energy begins to flow and quickly changes stress and fearful thinking into pleasantly discovering your creative powers and the surfacing of underlying stressors and fears found in the artwork.

Long term, this creative practice is based on therapeutic principles of art therapy that can go beyond the process of relieving negative emotions and insecurity and become a part of your emotional healing. With or without the support of a therapeutic guide, transform your stresses and fears into self-love and self-worth, creating improved relationships and powerful intentions for change.

Grab you supplies and watch the rebroadcast now!

What You Will Need: Blank paper or canvas, Drawing tools: recommended paint markers, sharpies or Paint and brushes if you prefer.

If you enjoyed this mini session, join us for a Day Retreat on May 8th!

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