Creative Conversations Pen Pals Project

I am very excited to share the creations that were made during CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS Pen Pals Project Session #3.

Artists exchanged creations in a back and forth creative expression over 2 weeks. Participants were challenged to incorporate the theme of ‘Wayfinding’ and all interpretations of this.

With only 24 to 48 hours as the turnaround goal, new concepts were incorporated using inspiration from the creative responses sent by Pen Pals.

The Creative Pen Pal journey reveals much more than artistic pieces alone ~ shared experiences and friendships blossom along the way too. Like connecting with a great piece of art or maybe a song, connecting with someone new can be exciting, daring, challenging, frustrating, surprising, comforting, provocative, and awakening.

“Tree of Hearts as Seen From a Bubble” BY: Kewy Janisse (Tecumseh, Ontario)

On this journey together participants grow as creatives ~ experiencing a variety of emotions and insights about their own creative process and learning about their match. Participants are provided with a mood tracker as a tool for reflection.

“The New Man” Daniel Prelipcean (St.Catharines, Ontario)

For professional or emerging artist participants, this project serves as an interesting chance to develop and expand in their artistic discipline or to try a new medium.

For others, having a Creative Pen Pal is a much needed break from the social isolation that COVID 19 and social distancing restrictions bring especially during these winter months.

Still, for many it’s an excersize in personal growth ~ trusting a stranger to contribute to a shared goal can be a challenge. Waiting for a response can be exciting as much as it can be nerve-racking. But, something beautiful begins to grow as the creative conversation takes on a life of its own and a new unspoken understanding and connection emerges.

“Time To Hit The Road” Susan Robinson (Hamilton, Ontario)

All this culminates in a linear exhibit and an intimate private artist group chat over zoom.

Whether participants have joined this project with hopes of growing connectivity or personally, I believe that growth of any kind is a wonderful thing!


How to be A Creative Pen Pal

Free to participate.

You will be randomly matched with someone and one of you will create an art piece and the other will reply to it and you will do this as often as you’d like to in a call and response over 2 weeks.

You are encouraged to create brand-new works in response to your Match’s creations and vice versa. If you are adding directly on top of or to your Match’s pieces PLEASE ask them if they are in agreement first.  You are encouraged to respond with an original concept inspired by their replies.

You can create about your feeling and experiences during COVID or strike up friendly conversation using creativity and see where the exchange leads you.

What to Expect TIME-LINE:

14 days

DAY 1:

I draw the Matches randomly LIVE on FB Page and Group Art By Rhiannon Barry.

Everyone receives an email from me with details connecting you to your partner that day.

Day 2-14:

You create in a call and response style:

Step 1) Artist 1 creates an origional piece within 24 hours, to kick things off, and sends a cropped picture or short video of their art to Artist 2. 

Step 2) Artist 2 looks at the piece and creates something new inspired by it within 48 hours and sends a picture or short video of it to Artist 1. 

Step 3) Artist 1 looks at the piece and creates something new inspired by it within 48 hours and sends a picture or short video of it to Artist 2. 

And so on until there are an even amount of pieces made by both artists. I will send an email to remind you when the last day is coming up.

(Basically everyone is creating new pieces inspired by the last one they received from their match. That way your pieces are having a creative unspoken conversation.) 

Day 15:

At the end of 2 weeks one of you will label all individual the docs. in the creative conversation in the order of when the works created and with the correct # and Artist’s name and put one FOLDER. See Example:





5-B.FISHER and so on…

*Using Drop Box or Google Drive is recommended to send your DOCS. together in 1 FOLDER. 💙Taking this step makes it easier for me to keep your pieces sorted from other Matches.

DAY 16, 17

I upload all of the “conversations” to an online exhibition on and share the link with all of you so you can share with friends and family.

In the end, you will likely have made anywhere between 4 to 10 pieces each. If you create more than each, that’s fine. If you only create 3 each, that’s fine too; LIFE HAPPENS, so do not make more than your partner and please wait for them to get back to you before creating again. Some of your back and forth may be quicker than 48 hours, so that would mean you will likely produce a higher amount of pieces. Just let you and your match’s vibe lead the flow.

What happens if my Match drops out?

If you are ghosted (receive no messages or direction of intentions longer than 3 days) reach out to your match first. If still no response, reach out to me and I will rematch you. Always try with your Match first. Please remember that LIFE HAPPENS. Sometime there are bumps in this creative road and you just gotta hang in there with kindness and understanding.

Reducing Anxieties

I know some people will be anxious about creating an awesome piece in this time limit but that’s the point! It’s about connecting with others in a new way. TO challenge YOUR IMAGINATION AND GROW 🙂 Whether you only have 20 mins or have 4 hours to create we still want you to participate! All styles and skill levels are welcome. This is not about producing a masterpiece.

It’s important to remember that everyone likely feels a bit of anxiety when exposing their work to someone. You are on this journey together. Reach out to your partner with questions. You can lean on each other’s interpretations of this project.

I chose 24 hours for the first piece because it’s a nice challenge for Artist 1 as well it acts as a speedy kick-off for you both! I chose WITHIN 48 hours or less for the remaining turn-arounds. If you want to send something back within a shorter time please feel free to go for it! Because this is supposed to be helpful in relieving stress, and not meant to add to it, I wanted to give even the busiest people enough time for creating. I know some people are busier and may still wish to participate, others may want to take their time creating, depending on their chosen medium, but I also wanted to keep a bit of momentum going, 48 hours seem doable. REMEMBER, you can create a small piece in a sketch pad, take a photo and digitally enhance it, write a poem, or perhaps create a small sculpture or even something larger if you have time to complete it. If you know you need extra time just let your Match know.

Tips For Sending Docs & Files

At the end, decide which one of you two will send me all of the jpegs or videos in 1 FOLDER through either dropbox or Google Docs to

*Tip: Keep videos under 30 seconds.

Please upload your videos to your YouTube channel. If you do not yet have one, click here to learn more about how to make that happen:YouTube OR post it to your Facebook Page and set it to Public, then send me the POST link via email.

You can lean on your Match if they are more computer literate.

Sending Your Sign Up Information


Social Media Handles:

Facebook Handle

Instagram Handle

Website (if you have one)

The Benefits!

I hope you will form a connection and engage with your Match in friendly conversation as you exchange your pieces and discuss how and why you made the pieces. You are not obligated to divulge your reasons behind any pieces if you do not feel comfortable to. We want this to be a welcoming and perhaps a healing social opportunity for ALL during these challenging times!

To Consider Along The Way:

At the end, and after I have set up the online exhibit, Day 17, 18 or 19 you will receive an invitation to join a Live Chat Room (Zoom) where you and your partner might speak briefly about your creative conversation with the group. This is a time to see what everyone else made and to hear about one and others experiences with the project. Again, sharing your feelings and thoughts is not mandatory. You can share as much or as little as you’d like to.

Click here to see the Creative Conversations Exhibit #1

Please only enter if you feel you can complete the 2 weeks! We are in this together.

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