5 Inspiring Art Journaling Instagram Accounts to Follow

Photo credit: IG account ‘whoisladywindermere’

Art journaling has become a very popular form of self expression and a creative outlet for self care.

Allowing yourself the freedom to go beyond traditional journaling and to infuse art as a tool for daily or weekly check-ins, goes far beyond the benefits of simply writing to Dear Diary.

You don’t require advanced artistic skills to get started. You simply need to love getting creative and trying something new.

To start turning your daily experiences and emotions into art, you require a rummage through your junk draw and a search through your craft supplies.

Next, consider complimenting your household finds with a quick trip to the dollar store.

Here are 5 inspiring Instagram accounts to get you started:


Utilizing fowers and pulling imagery from nature, this account blends images with cursive writing and collage.



Soft and intriguing images and human portraits are a recurring entry coupled with endearing quotes and sayings on this account.



Carfully selected print materials and cursive writing, intertwined with imagery and creative use of animals combines in an interesting journaling style.



Butterfly and floral imagery with beautiful ink sketchings that are interesting in their simplicity.



A unique use of various types of arts and crafts materials in an abstract and almost bejeweled take on journaling.

Creative and

Find your own inspirations and share them with me here!

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