Finger Painting is for Adults too!

Be Whimsi is introducing a fun and fabulously messy new version of paint class!

Come paint along with us and let your fingers and palms create the bulk of your painting.

Long gone are the days when your preschool teacher would roll out a new piece of newsprint paper on a plastic classroom easel and supply you with primary coloured washables. But, do you remember how creatively free it felt to have the colours squish between your fingers and swirl and smear revealing your delightful masterpieces?

Finger Painting Option

Well now you can recapture that wonderful feeling with our finger and palm painting class options. We guide you step by step in creating a whimsical painting.

We supply gloves, but it’s more fun without them!

Enjoy the sensory therapeutic benefits and take home your creation.

Even Van Gogh left his fingerprints in his most revered art pieces!

Experts Find Van Gogh’s Fingerprints on His Famous ‘Sunflowers,’ and 4 Other Surprising Discoveries From the Painting’s Recent Conservation.

Click Here to read more about that!

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