Art Is My Love Language

They say that there are 5 Love Languages. They are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Each one is an important expression and application of love.

Learning and then understanding your partner’s, friend’s, and family member’s, as well as your primary Love Languages, will ensure the creation of a stronger bond, clearer communication and a better result in asking for and receiving what you desire in your relationships.

Most people tend to assume that how they receive love is how others wish to receive love. So they go about doing things for others that they like done for themselves or saying something in a way that is appealing for themselves instead of considering how best to make someone feel loved and appreciated.

Art is my love language.

Affirmation: Like most artists, I am my worst critic. But, being told that my art is enjoyed or admired does make me feel loved, even if you are perplexed by my awkward reaction.

Acts of Service: Contributions through volunteerism, consulting or actively leading in arts festivals or group community artistic endeavours are most enjoyable. Knowing that I have a loyal and steady crew behind me, who support the vision and see it through by working hard, makes me feel loved and respected. It’s pretty impressive to see the hustle it takes to put on events like this. When you have golden support, it’s priceless.

Receiving Gifts: Gift me an original piece of art or event tickets, and I’m a happy girl. I show love by gifting my original art to loved ones and charitable causes. My currency is as much love as it is dollars. I choose how much value and to whom with applied contemplation. If you receive a piece from me, I probably spent hours thinking it through.

Quality Time: I am happiest when intensely focused on a painting or enjoying an experience infused with art. I love sharing this feeling with those who attend my paint classes and craft workshops. Come paint with me!

Physical Touch: Now, I know you’re not supposed to touch art when it’s on display, but admittedly I often reach out and give it a slight feel. I’m just so curious that I usually can’t help but discover what materials went into creating it. In thrift stores, when I find an older original, I always run my hand across the surface.

More, there’s nothing better than having art supplies sprawled all around you and paint between your fingers. I love the feeling of washing dried paint from my legs, face, arms and elbows after a good painting session. A lot of people who attend my classes are hesitant to get dirty. I encourage it, though, because it’s all part of the process. Give getting messy a try. I promise you will love the freedom of expression it brings, and your piece will love you back!

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