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Program Facilitator: Rhiannon Barry is a podcast host and producer and a creative wellness activity and retreat developer with an education and background in journalism-communications, community service work and psychological counselling.

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An In-Studio Mentorship Program

Trendy and growing in popularity Podcasting is quickly becoming the mainstream form of broadcast communications, journalism, activism, promotions and personal expression. In this 6-part Project Curriculum, I engage participants in developing and producing a Signature Podcast.
Podcasting is unique in that it includes opportunities to develop copywriting, creative storytelling, reporting, audio engineering, editing content, graphic design, production, and team coordination. It also develops interpersonal and teamwork skills, expand your creativity, creates a sense of accomplishment, and is an experience that can be added to a CV.

This 6-part series runs over 6-weeks.

This Intro to Podcasting program supports and encourages participants through the creative process of developing an idea into a ready-to-broadcast episode and sustainable endeavour.

Your pilot episode will be expertly produced, and your team will revive knowledgable guidance in the following areas:

• Developing a creative vision for a podcast
• Critical thinking and responsible understanding for broadcasting communications
• Research methods and Interviewing skills
• In-studio Immersion- Hands-on equipment and technology lessons
• Hand-on sound mixing and editing
• Creating an account: Hosting platforms and publishing
• Cover art/ Graphics design shortcuts
• SEO and promotions to grow an audience
• Future Planning: Partnership, Sponsorship, Grants, Promotions to support your creative project

•Support is available to answer questions by request through email and zoom between sessions if you need extra support.
• A signed photo and liability release form are required to publish pictures and audio and be in the podcast studio.
• In the end, I will give you the password to the accounts used and access to the Pilot episode, which will remain private until released to the public by you.

Cost: $3000*Max 4 participants in a session. (In-studio space is limited to 5 ppl)

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From Seed Ideas to launching your first Episode in a professional environment, with support, hands-on support and tangible outcomes.

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  • Prepare for our first session by doing some research. Listen to 5+ podcast episodes on topics of your interest and evaluate each one using our provided critical thinking evaluation sheet.

Part 1:  In Classroom Creative Development Group Session (3 Hours)

  • Critical thinking and podcast examination
  • Brainstorming topic ideas and themes
  • Deciding on a style and tone
  • Establishing the vision, mission, name, cover art ideas, and intended audience


  • Prepare a 2–3-minute opinion piece of any topic of interest

Part 2: Welcome to the Studio (Niagara Falls) (3.5 Hours)          

  • Communications broadcasting equipment and technology overview
  • Recording opinion pieces and listening
  • Sound mixing and editing software overview


  • Pilot Episode considerations and wishlist with our worksheet

Part 3:  In Studio Development and Production (Niagara Falls) (3 Hours)

  • Wordsmithing and recording Intros and Outros
  • Group Work-Planning the Pilot Episode development
  • Interviewing and Reporting Laws and Ethics-a brief overview of slander and ethical interviewing
  • Sponsorship rules and regulations-Recording mock sponsorship advertisements
  • Copywrite laws


  • Develop your talking points further with our worksheet

Part 4: In Studio Recording & Editing Pilot Episode (Niagara Falls) (3 Hours)

  • Recording Pilot
  • Editing for Publication


  • Use our tips to develop your signature podcast cover art and templates for promotions

Part 5: In Classroom-Cover Art & Creating a Spotify Account

  • Creating the cover art and templates for promotions using design software shortcuts.
  • Choosing a cover art
  • Creating Accounts and Uploading Episodes: Anchor/Spotify/ Soundcloud
  • Uploading pilot episode

*Participants, please bring your tablets, computers, or phones to digitally create final changes to the cover art and follow along in creating accounts.

Part 6: In Classroom-Publishing Your Podcast (3 Hours)

  • Listening party
  • The importance of building a cohesive brand
  • SEO, hashtags, creating a listening audience and joining podcaster communities
  • Where to find guests
  • Future Planning: Grants, bursaries, awards, donations and sponsorships overview
  • Future episode ideas
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