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‘Gentle Painting’: On-line and in-person calming beginners painting tutorials and creative sharing, art kits, and zoom social painting chats.

In-person class
Online class


The Meaning/Purpose of Gentle Painting:

There are many techniques for practicing mindfulness. What are yours?

I often go for hikes and sit on a bench or rock and paint the fascinating things I find right there!

The Benefits: Many studies have linked creative arts and nature-based therapy to stress reduction, positive mindset, and behavioural changes promising for both people and the planet. Patterns indicate that the feeling of comfort and ACCEPTANCE we experience in nature leads to insights about one’s life and situations. INSIGHTS lead to a Stage of PURIFICATION when attention deficits are restored and moods become positive. Purification leads to a RECHARGING of energy and an increased hopeful outlook. Recharging leads to HEALING Outcomes and positive life perspectives.
Free Art Kits:
With others or when self-guided painting allows one to focus on the moment and provides an opportunity to enjoy the present. It will enable the everyday stresses to subside, and, in the end, there is something unique to look at or share with others. Sharing our Art with others provides for a sense of belonging and builds confidence.

Outside classes

I encourage you to take your kits and paint on patios, in backyards, parks, or other green spaces and natural areas and then send me a picture of what you’ve created!


#1 The Happy Nature Artist KIT:

#2 The Golden Artist KIT:



Pick up and Delivery within NF, St.Catharines and Fonthill.

Not in Niagara? Purchase a Tutorial LINK for $10 instead.

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Choose painting

Wildwood Mushrooms

Playing in the Water

Teal Magnolias
If A Tree Falls
Smoky Forest
Blue Drip Roses
Monet’s Bridge
Floating Buddha
Smokey Forest
Hot Air Balloon

House Warming Plant

One Cup at a Time

Soft Butterfly
The Northern Lights
Canoe Ride

Paint Like Monet

They’re Out There

Peace Out

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