Online Creative Wellness

Creatively Rest Your Mind & Free Your Spirit!

Be Whimsi Art Loft offers online Creative Wellness & Reflection Group Activities.

Welcome. I’m excited to learn more about you and provide you with some new creative tools for self-reflections and wellbeing. Join me in evaluating your habits exploring your emotions, hurts and joys. Let me help you find hope, implement a change and support you in becoming more intimate and open with your needs.

Together we track your progress and keep you on track to reach your happiness and success goals beginning with using expressive arts as a tool when words aren’t enough. Self Reflection, Realizations, and Self Love bring you closer to your ideal life.

  1. An initial one-to-one meeting
  2. Knowledge sharing
  3. Creative reflection activities
  4. Group discussion
  5. Homework prompts
  6. Supportive coaching and evaluations: Each session consists of a facilitator-led knowledge-sharing, a brief guided creative art activity, discussion and sharing, and an assigned homework piece. Sign up and receive access to a curriculum and supportive guide to making changes creatively. Whether it’s a way of feeling you’d like to change or a habit you want or need to break, let us guide you using some fun and insightful art techniques.

Want a taste of what we offer before you buy? Check out Free LIVE Social activities.

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We accept e-transfer and out events can be found on Eventbrite too.

1) CCPPP – Free Peer Accountability Program Round #10 -July 9th 2022- Artist Chat July30th or 31st.

2) Online 6-week Group Session

Have you been inspired to Change? Ongoing Intake-Six weeks ($340.00) a one-to-one Six-week curriculum-guided creative exercise to explore your habits and create real change. Share as much as little as you’d like to in each session. Each art activity is developed using rec-based therapeutic principles and creative expression. Let the act of creating assist you in expressing yourself and revealing new pathways in your life. 1.5 hour sessions.


Complimentary Intake Meeting

1) Setting Intentions For Change

2) Beliefs, Values & Habit Tracking

3) What’s holding you back? Self-forgiveness Self-love

4) Implementing Change & Being Accountable

5) Anger, Hurt, & Forgiving Others for a Better You

6) Dealing with  Setbacks

Why Is Calm So Hard? Intake-Six weeks ($340.00) a one-to-one Six-week curriculum-guided creative exercise to calm your mind in a busy world. Is your mind & body asking you to take a break? Using Cognitive Restoration Theory, enjoy this mindful practice of creating art and let the answers come to you. 
Self-reflection and path-setting for a calmer life. 1.5 hours a sessions.

Complimentary Intake Meeting

1) Being Open To Receiving

2) Hello, It’s Me Your Inner Child

3) It’s Not You; It’s a Noisy World

4) Letting Go; Loss, Grief and Healing for 7 areas of your life.

5) Building Your Ideal Self in Your Ideal World

6) You Are Worthy, You Belong

Contact: E-transfer payment. We are not covered by insurance.


We Provide a detailed supplies list for each session, found in our e-Book (curriculum) that we email to you with purchase. Gather your art supplies, make a trip to the dollar store, or your local craft stores for some inexpensive creative tools and materials.


What is Creative Wellness?

Facilitator and Guide: Artist Rhiannon Barry, experienced community social worker, trained crisis counsellor, and psychology counselling student.

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