Day Retreats and Events

Why attend:

I enjoy creativity and need to express how I’m feeling right now.

I want to relax with like-minded supportive people and have fun.

How I’m feeling right now, and the things I’m doing for myself aren’t working.

~Creative wellness program participants

Be Whimsi Art Loft is delighted to be offering Day Retreats and Events in collaboration with various venue partners, activity coordinators, festivals and wellness professionals.

Pause, breathe and create in one of our partner venues: newly refurbished city-run community center bosting access to forested walking trails and proximity to sunset beach, on the patio of a rustic retreat Lake Erie cabin with gorgeous views, in a beautiful community garden pavilion…

Paint, craft, forest bath, and express yourself within an intimate group. Reveal your best self as you are creatively guided through crafting a more balanced life. I’m excited to guide you! ~Creative Wellness Activity Facilitator Rhiannon Barry

Upcoming Dates:

Winter 2021 TBA

Welcome To A Creative Wellness Haven, a collaborative approach to bring you Quality Creative Wellness Opportunities. We utilize the healing qualities of art expression, nature immersion and self-care planning to create a safe and welcoming environment to rest and rejuvenate.


  • Be Whimsi Art Loft’s Guided Creative Wellness Activities: Gentle Painting, Guided Forest Bathing and Reflective Journaling, Artistic Nature Workshops, Guided Mindfulness and Movement, Guided Meditations and Therapeutic Expressive Arts & Crafting workshops.
  • Adele Campbell’s Inspired heArt Activities: Long-term Self-Care Planning Curriculum, Art Activities, Guided meditation and breath work sessions.
  • Retreats may also include Wellness Coaching or Creative Expressive Art activities (drumming circle) led by additional guest facilitators.

*All Art, Self-Care Planning and Adventure Supplies are provided by the Facilitators.

We facilitate both the creative process and the discussions afterward, and everything we do is based on art therapy principles. Treat yourself or a loved one to some much-needed time away from the stresses of life & work responsibilities.

Winter 2021 Upcoming Retreats & Activities:

We have partnered with the City of St. Catharines Leisure department to offer Day Retreats & Activities at the Port Weller Community Centre.

*A half-day of wellness activities, nature immersion, and creative wellness! No artistic talent is required; just bring an open mind! Enjoy relaxing on this creative retreat day with beginners’ art activities developed using applied psychological benefits of creative expression and mindfulness.

Enjoy the creative process and beauty that St. Catharines has to offer with opportunities to take in views of Malcolmson Eco-Park and Sunset Beach as wellness and art instructors provide you with everything you need to rest, reset, and recharge. Receive a gift bag including artisan goodies and gifts from the Lead Artists. Light refreshments are included.

Lavender Sachets, an example of crafting activities by Be Whimsi Art Loft.

Leave feeling refreshed and confident to follow your creative self-care plan.

Boho Wallhanging, an example of crafting activities by Be Whimsi Art Loft.

No artistic talent is required. We ask that you come with an open mind and be ready to get creative and enjoy nature! We are featuring beginner’s art activities intermingling with long-term self-care planning and environmental recharging activities.

And example of a Gentle Painting tutorial by Be Whimsi Art Loft.

Gentle Painting: With others or when self-guided painting allows one to focus on the moment and provides an opportunity to enjoy the present. It will enable the everyday stresses to subside and, in the end, there is something unique to look at or share with others. Sharing our Art with others provides a sense of belonging and builds confidence.

Forest Bathing~A Nature Reflection & Journalling seminar. Learn how urban living depletes enegies & how green and blue space restores—an immersive workshop developed with current psychological studies. Focusing on facts and tools, you can apply to your busy life and based on Cognitive Attention Restoration Theory—a Be Whimsi Art Loft interactive seminar.

Forest Bathing: We offer knowledge and tools about how to use urban green and blue spaces to maximize stress reduction.

Before the Retreat Day – Allow us to gain insights about what brought you to us-Fill out our Needs, Expectations, & Goals sheet to help us understand which activities are most beneficial for you. Understanding your daily habits and interests will set the groundwork for a personalized creative wellness plan.

Intake forms include a 7 Areas of your Life mapping tool-Developed by Be Whimsi Art Loft.

(Each Day Retreat’s activities are catered towards the needs of the participant group. Therefore some activities may be emphasized and developed or included with variations.)

What types of activities to expect:

Open to Receiving the Experience Guided Meditation. Enjoy Herbal Teas, Coffee & Fruit,  

Wellness Coaching worshops and curriculum activities.

Activities such as guided meditation is delivered in a collaborative approach by wellness guides and artists, facilitation by Be Whimsi Art Loft, H Adele Campbell Art & special guest facilitators.

Self-care Planning Curriculum – Committing, Awareness, and Implementation discussion and worksheets are just one of the curriculums offered.

Develope a self care plan you can stick to, complete with creative activities to keep you on track, developed by H Adele Campbell Artist.

Express Yourself –Be heard in this movement activity, allowing us freedom and positive space to get to know each other’s likes, dislikes, perspectives, and opinions; having a laugh with some surface-level questions and expressing some of our deepest thoughts with more penetrating prompts.

Art Buffet, for free-flow creating or follow our crafty prompt kits.

Art Buffet – Free time to chat explore and create with a variety of prompts and crafting materials.

Gentle Painting – A take on the traditional beginner-style social painting tutorials. We guide you through the steps to complete this Hot Air Balloon piece, complete with tactile finger painting techniques and gold leaf accents. Be proud to bring home your work of art!

Art Journaling, A Be Whimsi art journaling activity.

Journaling & Gentle Forest Bathing Experience – We will Hit Pause together and reflect on our daily stressors by committing to Rest and Recharge in nature. Join us in a discussion about how urban living leads to a depletion of energies. Learn how you can maximize the benefits of nature by using urban green spaces strategically. Create a nature mandala or mediation labyrinth together.

Forest bathing & creative nature activities.

Finding Balance– We are finding balance by exercising patience. We connect with our inner child and become beachcombers-collecting rocks and other exciting pieces of shell and wood to form our rock towers or water labyrinth. Staff will snap pictures of your creations before they are returned to the water and earth.

Grounding Meditation – Allow us to prepare you for departure with a grounding mediation

Gift bags and prizes- Gifts from the facilitators

Beachside balancing and meditation activities.

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