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Creative Lives #6: Watch our Neurographic Art Lesson HERE!

Creative Wellness Haven’s ‘Express Yourself’ mini activities give you space to share and explore yourself creatively and encourage self-reflection and group sharing.
Your Hosts Adele and Rhiannon

With Special Guest Artist Heather Fraser
Neurography Art Creation:

What is Nerographic Art Making? Fun, practical and available to all, express your stress when words are not enough with this freeform drawing activity.

We all experience stress, anxiety and fear, and this practice can help you relieve those feelings.

Once released, what appears as a random scribble can be turned into beautiful and exciting art. The first step is to draw lines randomly from your subconscious.

The second step is to step back and let your conscious take over as you find patterns and images in it all. Let these subconscious pieces pop out using colour and reinforcing forms using colourful markers or fine tip ink pens.

Let’s see what’s surfacing inside your mind!
Neuroscience says that you can create positive change with this creative wellness technique. The dormant neuro connections get activated, and energy begins to flow and quickly changes stress and fearful thinking into pleasantly discovering your creative powers and the surfacing of underlying stressors and fears found in the artwork.

Long term, this creative practice is based on therapeutic principles of art therapy that can go beyond the process of relieving negative emotions and insecurity and become a part of your emotional healing. With or without the support of a therapeutic guide, transform your stresses and fears into self-love and self-worth, creating improved relationships and powerful intentions for change.

Supplies: Blank paper or canvas, Drawing tools: recommended paint markers, sharpies or Paint and brushes if you prefer.

Creative Live #5 Watch and Listen Here

Watch the rebroadcast!

A palette knife Gentle Painting that goes beyond mindful intent and encourages a flow state instead. You do not need to be super talented to enjoy this. Just come with an open mind and ready to enjoy.
Learn more about the flow state, how artists achieve it, and how it creates improved well-being.

Creative Live #4 Follow Along Here

Watch Creative Conversation Live #4 Here. Adele and Rhiannon, join us for some Speed Painting as we see what we can create in 20 mins on a blank canvas.

With the clock ticking, join in and see what you can come up with too! We will be limiting ourselves to three colours of paint to mix with.
Will you take on the challenge with us?

It’s all about having fun and challenging yourself to create in a quicker time frame. Please tell us what you think of our creations and share yours too.

Afterwards, stick around for the Live pulling of the Names as we match the Creative Conversations Pen Pals participants up for Round #9

Creative Live #3 Watch the entire session for I AM LOVE Here.

Creatively rest your mind & free your spirit. Leave feeling refreshed, confident and In Self Love!
You are entering a no-judgment zone.
Enjoy this complimentary beginners’ Creative Wellness activity. I AM LOVE is a Creative Conversation all about Self-Love & Self-Worth.
Express Yourself and be ready to open your heart to the most crucial person in your life, you!
Join Adele and Rhiannon for Creative Conversations Live #3

Creative Lives #2 Watch Here: Part 1 / Part2

Learn the benefits of exploring, healing, and calming your mind with Bilateral Art-Making!
This session is all about utilizing music to create positive art through Bilateral Drawing.
Although it may appear as if we are scribbling with both hands, the intent is not necessarily to make a fine piece of art. Instead, we want you to engage both hands in the spontaneous drawing known as Bilateral stimulation. Learn More:
Bilateral stimulation engages both brain hemispheres, connecting cognitive thoughts to physical. This approach to art-making appears to be simple, but it is more profound than just using two hands to create art. It is part of a set of automated tools whose properties are similar to rocking, walking, breathing or drumming.
We are showcasing this activity so that you can create your very own Bilateral art practice using paint, markers, pencil crayons, pastels, or crayons; Bilateral art practice can be used as a self-regulation coping tool. It’s a grounding skill used by trauma victims and critical in treating PTSD.
The Benefits of participation:

🧘🏻‍♀️It impacts your emotions and helps to reframe negative thinking.

🧘🏼‍♂️It is a practice in impulse control-delaying the dominant hand and initiating the other.

🧘🏼‍♀️You gain another tool in your kit for self-regulation, the capacity to control one’s impulses and an increased ability to soothe and calm the body’s reactions.

🧘🏾‍♀️It is used as a grounding treatment and can help trauma victims to overcome the freeze response.

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Join us as we get creative about the Most Memorable Moments in life, assign them a colour and begin to reframe any negative memories that arise with paint and canvas.
Did you know that enhanced suggestibility refers to the way memory changes just a little bit each time we think about it?
Can you trust the memories you had at ages 3, 4, 5? What about 13, 15 or 20?

Reframing is the general change in a person’s mindset, whether positive or negative. By using a process guided by questioning, the goal is to reduce anxiety.

Reframing is otherwise known as replacing cognitive distortions with rational thoughts.
Sometimes recalling a bad memory in the third-person perspective can help us understand it better and help the brain process them more positively.

Feel free to follow along; all you need is a rainbow of Colours, a canvas, your memories and a scraper (ruler, cardboard, paint knife, paint scraper).

Creative Lives #1 Can you change a memory?

A) Memories From Ages 0-12
B) Memories From Ages 13-21

A screengrab from a paint pulling session with myself, Rhiannon Barry & H Adele Campbell Art promoting our Creative Wellness Haven Retreats.

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