Group Crafting

Choose the crafting experience and environment that is right for your group from the list below:


Expand your mind and creativity with this new trend that’s growing in popularity. Art Journaling is a form of self-expression, blending visual and verbal ideas and thoughts as a tool for self-care. All supplies are included.

Individual Lesson: $50

Groups: Minimum 8 people $15 + per person (depending on group size)

Events & Festivals: $200 + (length and time dependant)


We bring our slime and your guests create their own concoctions using an assortment of goodies and add-ins!

We bring sensory buckets of gooey surprises as well.

Events & Festivals: $200 + (length and time dependant)





Discover your calm enhance your peacful dreaming experience!

Step by step instructions to weave your web. Choose your materials to create the look you choose!

  • Earthy and full of natural elements
  • Bohemian blues, greens with trinkets and feathers
  • Soft and Lacey, a soft and floral feminine take

Groups: Minimum 8 people $15 + per person (depending on hoop group size sm, md, lg)

Events & Festivals: $300 + (length and time dependant)


4)Mermaid Crowns

Spend 30 mins. creating.

Inviting all mermaids and mer-men to create your own crown using marine-themed materials. Will you make yours cute and whimsical or strong and powerful?

Bring your creation home and when you’re not-so-sure or feeling down, place your crown on your head and check yourself out in the mirror. Adjust your attitude, pull those shoulders back and remember you are great!

5) Decorative Airplant Wallhangings

Decorative stones and natural elements conbine with brass rings and airplants to create a healing design feature for your home or office.

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