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Artist Bio:

Rhiannon Barry is a visual artist born on August 10th, 1982 in St. Catharines Ontario. She is a therapeutic art instructor in training, currently pursuing additional professional credentials.

Rhiannon spent a large majority of her childhood and teen years on the North Shore of Lake Superior and travels North periodically still, rejuvenating her creativity. She lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where she creates whimsical acrylic paintings. She favours dream-like nature and water scenes, drawing from the northern scenery of her youth.

Utilizing an assortment of artistic mediums including glass, wool, clay, metals, and a multitude of finds, her creations also include a variety of upcycling arts and crafts projects.

Rhiannon also teaches beginner social paint lessons to groups of all ages and skill levels. For specific requests, group and individual artistic programs are created to act as a catalyst for healing to those who may be suffering from stress-related symptoms such as anxiety or depression.

When Rhiannon isn’t busy creating and teaching art, she enjoys her position as a Community Engagement Coordinator for a not-for-profit organization in St.Catharines, Ontario.

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