About The Artist

Rhiannon Barry

Rhiannon Barry - Picture

Rhiannon Barry is a self-taught visual artist born on August 10th, 1982 in St. Catharines Ontario.

Rhiannon spent a large majority of her childhood and teen years on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Now living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, she creates whimsical acrylic paintings. She favours dream-like nature and water scenes, drawing from the Northern scenery of her youth.

Rhiannon also creates emotive portrait paintings, uniquely capturing meaningful messages as emotions.

Utilizing an assortment of artistic mediums, her creations and endeavours also include upcycling arts and crafting pieces and contributions to community art projects.

With her combined experience as a Social Worker and Artist, over the last eight years she has developed and facilitated several specialized arts-based wellness and recreation programs and classes.

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